Posted by: Ed | August 9, 2011

Seek JUSTICE, ESSENTIAL LIFE and the Weekend that Was

It’s always fun to launch a new series. But you also find out in a hurry where the holes in your planning are. Often those planning holes for me look like – “how did I ever think I could deal with THIS subject with any integrity in 1 MESSAGE!” Ahhh, the tortured soul of the preacher guy! This weekend was a classic case in point.

A little Spanish this week!

The series is about some of those defining things about life as a Christ follower, those things that come up a LOT in the scripture. I thought it would be a good follow up to “ESSENTIAL GOD” (July series) and a good ramp up to VINTAGE US 2 (our fall series in the book of Acts).

Justice is such a huge theme in the Bible (problem 1 – lots of data) and it’s often been overlooked in the kind of churches that we would call “us” (problem 2 – neglected subject). Additionally, in some churches talking about “justice” has eclipsed and overshadowed the message of Christ’s death and resurrection and the opportunity for heart level life-transformation that is central to the message of the New Testament (problem 3 – suspicion of the subject). But it’s pretty clear that God is working in lots of churches and that the Spirit is speaking to all kinds of leaders about “justice” so I was stoked to dive in.

I loved how the worship was so substantive this weekend! The band did a song called “In My Own Little World” that pre-preached the message! Awesome!

Justice, looks a lot like serving and God had SO prepared hearts at Journey.

Next week’s ESSENTIAL: Love MERCY!



  1. I appreciated the “compare and contrast” between righteousness and justice and how they are related. Absolutely thought-provoking.

  2. Ed, God gave me a word really forcefully on monday morning. Anyway, here it is……………I want you to acknowledge the people who have not found their place yet. Friends are good but you have to go out of your way to find the people who don’t know what their place is yet and exhort / honor them. This will heal their souls and make them great. Ready for My word, work and the love I want them to experience that they don’t have yet. I have so much more for all of you than you know.
    Get on board My children . LIsten to Me.

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