Posted by: Ed | August 2, 2011

VINE, MICK WILSON and the Weekend that Was

After a week away on a little family vacation it was so good to roll back in to the weekend services as someone who just enjoyed the services. What a great weekend!

It was great to have our worship pastor, Jason Denison, back and looking a lot like Jesus.

Jason has been back and forth from his wife’s home country of Norway for this last year in which he took a sabbatical. Jason is an anointed worship leader and also incredibly effective at raising up emerging worship leaders. Just to be clear, HE’S BACK FOR GOOD. Pray for his families transition back to San Diego.

Our friend Mick Wilson brought a spectacular message on THE VINE from John 15 this weekend. Mick has the unique insight as the owner of a vineyard and Winery – Wilson Creek Winery (click here). I LOVED the message. I also loved the great quotes that Mick used in the message.

Here are a couple of gems:
“What comes to your mind when you think about god is the most important thing about you.” A.W. Tozer

“When I’m in the cellar of affliction I look for the Lords choicest wines.” Samuel Rutheford

It was also great to have the return of Vinnie – a 40 year old Syrah vine. God is a master of Vineyard Manager and although pruning is uncomfortable, He asks us to trust His wisdom and goodness.

Since Mick was last at Journey, he has been treated for cancer. So this was not just theory but living truth for him and for us.



  1. Ed – This post relates to the current weekend but I was thinking about your sermon this morning so wanted to respond before I forget. The topic of justice is so important. However, I’d be careful to make the blanket statement that most people born of educated privilege who go on to get PhDs don’t care about justice whereas those born on the other side of the tracks do. I totally get your point that living in an ivory tower can breed gross ignorance and disconnect from what is really going on in the world but education is such a powerful force for combating injustice and bringing the gospels to people both literarily and figuratively. (And how great that JCC is doing a drive for bringing adequate school supplies into the La Mesa school. Do they want any tutors/classroom helpers as well?).

    I say this because you also mentioned Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who so beautifully used the Amos passage in his mountaintop speech. King knew injustice first hand being born African American in a racist society but he also had those little letters behind/(in front of) his name that allowed him to use his education to fight injustice. Those little letters can be wonderful tools of God.

    You also started to mention Luke and his emphasis on justice. I’m actually doing a pretty extensive exegetical study on Luke 9:28-36 right now and find it interesting that Peter wanted to stay up on that mountaintop building tabernacles leading Jesus to rebuke the apostles shortly afterwards for not helping to heal the man’s spirit possessed child. τὴν δόξαν αὐτοῦ really is about being in the trenches…

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