Posted by: Ed | July 12, 2011


O.k. The silence is broken!

Frankly, I’ve had a crazy busy July so far and my normal rhythms of life are out of whack – part of which means that I’m not making time to post stuff on the blog. Well that ends NOW! At least for a little while. I think I’ll post something on this past weekend and then write another post that will serve as a kind of catch up.


This weekend at Journey we sailed into week 2 of a series on the Trinity called “The God You Already Know”. It’s my contention that since we get dunked into this relationship with God when we come to Jesus (1 Corinthians 12:13) there is a sense in which the Trinity is “Tacit Knowledge” for people that have truly been born into new life in Jesus. (I spent some time on this in the first message – I’d love for you to listen to the podcast if you missed it).

This week we talked about how the idea of the “Trinity” helps us to obey Commandment numero uno – Loving God!

COMMUNION – We are doing communion every week of July. I love that!

BAPTISM VIDEO – In the course of the message we showed a video of our last 2 Baptisms. It was so powerful! I love the picture of our relationship with God that Baptism is! I love the reality of God’s presence and Grace that we experience! It’s like Matthew 3:16-17 gets relived over and over!

Worship was powerful!

This was another great weekend at Journey. Last weekend was epic – we began the Essential God series, we made the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT and had a great weekend despite it being 4th of July weekend. July at Journey is shaping up to be a GREAT MONTH!



  1. Lest we not forgot Selah… where the Holy Spirit attends to my skittish, broken heart like a consummate Horse Whisperer gently taming me.

    Since you mentioned Job in the service and I’m thinking of Selah, I wanted to share this lovely quote from Mike Mason’s book on Job. “But the message of Job, of Habakkuk, and of Jesus’ parables on prayer is all the same: the word of the Lord comes without fail to those whose faith takes on a peculiar form – the form of despair honestly and passionately expressed, combined with a stubborn persistence in holding out for consolation…In the economy of the Holy Spirit, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

  2. Ed, thought I would share this. As I was walking across the room to get my journal God gave me a word, “outpost’. I wrote the word down and asked,”what do you mean by outpost?” This is what I got. Journey is an outpost for the Host of Heaven, who”s job it is to stand at ready to fight. They are at Journey to support the work we are doing. So I asked,”what do we do then?” We at Journey are to continue to do the work, pray for the work and workers, and pray for many graces and blessings. Most of all we pray for people to be set free, to be made whole and to walk in the wonder of His word and work till Jesus returns to take us home.

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