Posted by: Ed | June 23, 2011

INCEPTION, GOD at the MOVIES and the Weekend that Was

We cruised into part 3 of our legendary God at the movies series by taking a look at the film INCEPTION. There are some movies that make me wonder if the writer, director, producer or creator was some kind of theologian in some previous incarnation. This is one of those. I watched all the special features and read up on Christopher Nolan (writer/ director) and couldn’t find much in the way of specific spiritual or “Christian” influence. Which makes the unbelievable parallels with some biblical ideas and the use of New Testament language throughout the story even more fascinating.

The one idea that we need to walk away with is the power of the idea. Changes in people, in groups, in churches, in cultures happen as paradigmatic ideas get embedded. We sometimes act our way into an idea and we sometimes think our way into a course of life, but the idea is critical. The unseen is really the mostly the MOST real thing.

Worship was powerful this week.

FINANCIAL UPDATE – As most of you know, I’m not exactly a big numbers, detail kind of guy (please don’t be shocked). That being said, I was actually kind of stoked to share our financial update.
• We totally killed it on our Church-to-Church Haiti partnership – more than met our $3k monthly commitment AND just for good measure through in over $11,000, which will build a school in Haiti this September.
• Journey Up – We’ve paid a MILLION on our second loan since last year at this time. We only have $209,000 left! Yeah! So we laid out the vision that if every adult at Journey thru in $125 we’d be DONE with this bad boy. You guys responded right off the bat by giving $41,000! Yeah. We still have another week before we refinance what was left of that 2nd Mortgage.
• The practice of financial updates – I think I’m coming to a conclusion that I’ve been resisting: we need regular financial updates. Not every week, but people want to know what’s up.

I’m grateful for my surf pals. We had a stellar session on that perfect Saturday that was last Saturday. Then my good friends Donnie & Barbie Rea from Ventura (via Omaha, Fresno, Costa Rica – it’s a long story). Being very traditional people we hit up a Taco shop for Father’s day lunch.

Check out the size of that burrito (it’s called “the Surf & Turf” – shout out to Don Solin). It’s the size of my head!!! Plus two more great mornings of surfing!



  1. You and Donnie really have the skill set when it comes to eating burritos! I don’t think I could keep one that big together while hanging upside down from the ceiling! Show offs!

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