Posted by: Ed | May 17, 2011

IMMOVABLE 4 – BRICK WALLS and the Weekend that Was

This was a wild weekend for me – packed and challenging.


We had our friend Trevor Davis doing worship and performing some original songs. Besides being incredibly talented Trevor has a great heart. His songs are poetic and profound. I love the “Bold as a Lion” song about the baptism of Jesus. I think in our flavor of Christianity we often take the mystery out of things like communion and baptism. I love the poetry and mystery conveyed by Trevor’s song.


This weekend we “launched” Journey Serves – here, there, everywhere. I put quote marks around “launched” because we are already off and running. We also announced formally that Dave Merk is joining our pastoral team to head this up! Who could say no to a calling like this – full time work and no pay! God is clearly at work.

We rolled around in Psalm 130 this weekend. Since Good Friday some of our team have been talking about occasionally doing the messages sans outline. About Thursday afternoon I felt like this message would work better without an outline. So we decided to do give it a shot. Two hours my laptop motherboard went out. That’s the night I put that I put the outline together. Doesn’t that put the ink in coinkidink! I felt like God really had a word this weekend for lots of us. Psalm 130 is a RICH passage.

After the Friday night service I ran over to “One Flesh” our married couples ministry and did a Q & A on sex in marriage. Fortunately for everyone we also had a marriage and family therapist up there as well. It was definitely a “Journey” kind of group so the questions were not typical church type questions. It was fun and I really hope that people felt helped because I was WAY out of my comfort zone.

Saturday night my oldest daughter Charissa had a surprise B-day party! It was fun! I’m so thankful for her. Her husband Andrew put on a great party!

The conditions weren’t great, but we had one of those surf sessions Saturday morning that makes you feel like your soul has been restored. We had the break to ourselves! Very fun!



  1. Jesus is calling down healing on Journey. O Journey, put your hope in the Lord, for with the Lord is unfailing love, and with Him is full redemption. He himself will redeem us at Journey from our sins and make us strong, fit for His word and work.

  2. Have you EVER had as many comments as you did on the Facebook question of “fill-ins or no”?? Great input!

    Loved the rich verse by verse “tear down and exposition.” Powerful. Felt like the HS was all over, speaking to all of us! (Not to mention the cool sight of more-than-normal hands raised at the end-invite.) MAS!

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