Posted by: Ed | May 3, 2011

IMMOVABLE 2 – DEATH and the Weekend that Was

The weekend after Easter is always interesting. Everyone (pastors, programming people, all kinds of volunteers) expend so much energy that it feels like there should be a week or so off. But, no.

We actually packed the weekend… AGAIN!

WORSHIP – I love how God keeps meeting us in worship. For me there were several points at which I felt like the Spirit of God was taking something I needed to a very deep place in my soul.

MESSAGE ON DEATH – I know it’s not very cheery but death is the ultimate immovable. We started a series on Easter called IMMOVABLE. The idea is that if God raised Jesus from the dead, the maybe some of the thing that we thought were off the table are back on the table… things like our PAST, BURNED RELATIONAL BRIDGES, ADDICTIONS and this week’s “immovable de jour… DEATH!”
I loved seeing lots of people from Easter weekend back!

FAMILY FUN DAY – Our GENERATIONS’S ministry put one of these together for after the 11:00 service. We haven’t done anything like this for quite a while. A huge part of the point was to raise some cash for camps and summer scholarships. But it was also a cool esprit de corps thing. There’s another thread too, that of ownership. WE need to get OUR kids to camps and OGN etc, because WE as a church MUST WIN in this area.

Apparently the biggest crowd pleaser was dunking moi! I don’t know what I’ve ever done to these people, but they took fiendish delight in seeing me hit to the icy water time after time (o.k. the water was cold, not icy and it was like 85 out)

WEDDING – I performed a wedding for Will and Jenn. They both have been a part of Merge (our 20somethign ministry). Theirs is a story of God drawing people too Himself. They wrote their own vows and Jenn’s totally reflected her quirky sense of humor.

SELAH – Our unstructured lets start worshipping and see what God does night is always different and always cool. There were some powerful words from God that were shared with me from a couple of people. The night seemed to flow toward people praying healing over people. We are finishing up a class on praying for healing on Sunday morning so we wanted to let some people give it a shot as it were. Releasing God’s people to do what God wants to do is always idea.



  1. Great kick in the keester to go past my “rational thinking”: NOTHING is immovable with God! He’s already proven that! SELAH: Worship well-led & sweet! Thanks for getting us all into praying for each other…kind of like a church should be…humble and transparent… HS landing all over!! [UNPAID ADVERTISEMENT: Hey church! Yes, we are all tired when we drag ourselves into Selah..but we leave blessed beyond our expectations. Join us next time!!!]

  2. I’m sure things happened at Selah that you will never know, but here is a cool one. John asked me to pray with a lady who was crying on the side of the room. She told me she had injured her knee at work and as she had no money to go to the doctor it had been hurting for months. I put my hand on her knee and prayed for healing then what came out of my mouth was clearly a word from God. Here is the gist of it,”I love you, when you were a baby I loved you, I have always loved you, I’m like a warm blanket around you, I love you.” I menntioned this because I have a sence this word is for all of us. Anyway this went on for a while and it occurred to me I didnt ask about her knee, so I asked,”hows your knee?’, and she says,”oh that quit hurting a while ago.” I got together with Marve later and he had God storries too. That was one wild ride sunday night.

  3. Ed, thank you for being the person who united Will and I under God. It was such a wonderful day, You did an amazing job! And we are glad that you were a part of it:)

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