Posted by: Ed | April 6, 2011

FASTING, CLEARING THE WAY and the Weekend that Was

We launched a new series at Journey this weekend that was all about getting ready for a “God Encounter”. Historically the church has tried to have a season of prep for a God encounter right before Easter called, LENT. Although technically we are a little late to the party as Ash Wednesday which signals the beginning of the season was several weeks ago, it’s not to late to get our hearts ready.

Special prize for anyone that can guess the significance of the shirt!

We kicked off a shoe drive in conjunction with Soles For Souls (click here), which will bring some relief to displaced people in Japan. If you go to Payless Shoes you have a pretty good chance of bumping into fellow Journeyites. Here’s one of the fun stories I’ve heard this week.
Nancy wrote:
“I was buying shoe’s today for the people of Japan, and started a conversation w/the manager, and he told me he had some shoe’s he bought a while back and gave them to me for our church collection, a total stranger, we’ve never met before, I ask him how can we thank him, w/great smile he said, “The man upstairs knows, and that’s what matters :O)”

Matthew 5:16 in action baby!!!!

Looking forward to next weekend!



  1. Ed – Thank you for the gentle prodding to fast during Lent. It helped.

    If you can tolerate people bursting out into song during the middle of a t.v. show, you must see the “Glee” episode called “Grilled Jesus/Cheeses.” In fact, whether you can tolerate musicals or not (I struggle with this), you must get a copy of this episode. It is one of the most moving exposes on the question – “Is there a God?” – in a current cultural context I’ve ever seen. Seriously.

  2. Thanks for sharing Ed. Pam and I went to Payless and ran into fellow Journey people also. The sales girl was really nice and friendly. What a great service on Fasting. I really enjoyed the part about when you fast from thinking about anything that is not the Lord and you feast on thinking about him. Great insight. It is like the Jesus Creed is being continued in clearing away anything that is not Loving God and loving his people.

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