Posted by: Ed | March 23, 2011

MISSION SHIFT, HAITIAN PASTORS and the Weekend that Was – part UN

A TRULY LANDMARK WEEKEND AT JOURNEY! Seriously. It’s going to take 2 posts. THAT is how huge this weekend was.

I knew that this weekend was going to be great to be honest! It was going to be intense and busy, but great. We were having our partner church Pastors from Haiti here. We had a massive and critical PARENT SUMMIT. Jason was back leading worship. We had a Selah scheduled! We initiated sign-ups for “TAKE CHARGE TEAMS”.

It started with the Friday service I had that special sense that God was present in an unusual way. To be clear, I almost never walk out of a service feeling like God didn’t show up. He is so faithful. But there are times when it’s so obvious, so palpable! I felt myself choking up the moment the worship began and I said to myself – woe, here we go!

PARTNERS FROM HAITI – There is no doubt that Pastor Eduoard has achieved rock star status at Journey. I could barely get him in the building so many people were coming up just wanting to meet him. The place was electric when we got up on stage. Hearing these heroic men of God tell their stories of being used of God in the midst of such a dire situation, of seeing the revival thing that is going on in Haiti.

Andy Blank, our point man on Haiti (he’s been on every trip Journey’s taken to Haiti except the initial one that I took) was out of control – he led us into some Haitian style hallelujah action!

G-FORCE HAITI BANKS – Our 3-5th graders have been collecting money for their Haiti banks. So when Edouard got done in the service we took him to G-Force while I spoke. THE KIDS WENT NUTS! They also raised $1800.00 for Haiti.

Don’t know if you can see the one little girl covering her ears – must-a-been LOUD!

MESSAGE – It wasn’t hard to be honest to close the service w/ a brief message (brief by Journey / Ed standards). We talked about the Kala Erga (works of beauty) that Jesus said would lamp our light in Matt 5:16 and what Jesus’ bro James said actual faith looked like in James 2.

ONE LAST NOTE IN PART 1 – You Journey-ites gave over $12k on the way out the door! Yeah God! He’s at work! More in part 2!



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  2. Yes! An epic morning! I didn’t want to leave, God was so close that day! WE are a blessed people!

  3. God Is good. Im glad He is doing a great thing and we can witness it. Yeah Jesus

  4. May the glory of the Lord endure forever; May the Lord rejoice in his works. Ps. 104:24

  5. Isaiah 8:8
    And he shall pass through Judah; he shall overflow and go over, he shall reach even to the neck; and the stretching out of his wings shall fill the breadth of thy land, O Immanuel.

    I pray, Lord, that you use us in wonderful and miraculous ways. Help us to keep our eyes on you and to follow where you lead. Amen

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