Posted by: Ed | January 14, 2011

LAUNCH & the Weekend that Was

It was so good to kind of be back in the post holiday rhythm, especially to reconnect w/ my Friday night homies.

As we WORSHIPPED, I could sense that God wanted to do something in us and with us, that He really was inviting us to a new kind of year as well as a new year.

The whole point of the WEEKEND was LAUNCHING INTO A YEAR IN WHICH WE LIVE OUT OUR ULTIMATE VALUES. Every year at Journey we challenge ourselves to dive into some core spiritual practices. Let me be clear, I believe in that. But I feel like that sometimes leaves us missing the point. Only by a little, but it’s significant.

So in talking with several people in various contexts, we concluded that really we are talking about values. Valuing the right things (the Ultimate things, ultimately God Himself) and then living INTO those values – a.k.a. Spiritual practices. For example when we WORSHIP (practice) we are expressing that we treasure and long for and are drawing near to GOD HIMSELF (value – in fact our highest value). In worship we sense God drawing near, stirring up our passion for Him and experiencing INTENSITY & INTIMACY with God (lived out value).

NOTE: if you didn’t get to fill out a card (we ran out at the 11:00 service b/c lots of you went to church – that’s a good thing) you can pick one up this week. We WANT TO PRAY FOR YOU!

JESUS CREED SMALL GROUP RALLY: It was great to see the room packed the following Wednesday. So many people were “jumping off the cliff” diving into a small group. Many entering whole new group, bunches of people crashing existing home groups, dozens checking out womens or mens ministry small groups. It was an amazing night. Seeing people take concrete steps to live out their values is the BEST.

BTW – if you still aren’t in a small group for the next 6 weeks for the Jesus Creed series, you still can get in. There will even be SUNDAY MORNING GROUPS AT 8:45. So just show up early, check in the kid, stay till noon, DVR the games. Que todo bueno!



  1. Ed, thank u for chatting with me after the Friday service 1/7/11. I told you that you were the reason i come to Journey because u preach it so i understand it. I am 44 and feel i should know god alot better than i do. I want so bad to feel that awesome feeling that i see others have when it come to knowing god. I do not think i know god as i should. But u asked us to take a leap, well i am going to be apart of the connections group. This is a REAL big thing for me and i hope it helps me understand god and brings us closer together. I thank u for spending the time u did with me. I meant alot to know that someone as busy as u was willing to help. That is why i LOVE going to Journey. Wish me luck on my Journey to a better life with god!! thanks again.

    Dave Zayas

  2. Dave i am glad u are part of the connection group it will be great to share a journey with u thanks for coming wed. cant wait till next wed to take part in jesus creed i feel God places us together as a connection to grow and learn more about Jesus. I enjoyed meeting all of u in the connection group. i do believe God is on the move in many peoples life im glad to take part of this exciting experience.

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