Posted by: Ed | January 6, 2011

1st WEEKEND OF 2011

This was kind of the official end of “The Holidays”. It felt to me like we were easing back into our normality after a huge WIN on CHRISTMAS EVE.

THE WORSHIP WAS GREAT! O.k. this is more a confession of my own limitations, but I always feel a little worship deprived around the holidays. We mix in some Christmas songs. We do lots of cool fun performance songs. All of which I LOVE! But, it feels like traveling and missing some of the food that you eat and love all the time.

Hosting the service – fun for all…

MESSAGE BY JIM DENNISON – It’s great to have a different voice speaking into our community. It’s especially good to be reminded about blind spots. Think about it: by their very nature they get ignored. How ironic: the speck in YOUR eye is so easy to see. The log in mine is virtually invisible.

Next week the weekends are back to normal:
We’ll begin our year with a message called LAUNCH!



  1. Ed – you are such a funny host. It’s like you’re chomping at the bit to talk to us all or like a dad who needs to connect to his kids. I get a kick out of it.

    Jim Dennison’s speech was sobering and I’ll never think of Buzz LightYear the same again. What a powerful metaphor! I was so touched by his transparency as he thanked everyone for praying for his daughter-in-law. This vulnerability was quite beautiful.

  2. The talk about the log and the speck always rings true. Sometimes I think that we use our logs to beat the speck out of our neighbors eye. It just goes to show that even as we are all made in Gods image we are still flawed and it is a great reminder for us to work on ourselves before we need to try to work on others. Jim Dennison gave us a great start of our year and I pray that we all continue to receive Gods word, take his message into our hearts, love one another as God would love us and also to fill the world with love and laughter.

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