Posted by: Ed | October 24, 2010

LIFE WALK and God being Pro-Life

God is pro-life!
How’s that for a loaded statement?
This is not to say that I know whom Jesus would vote for. It’s not to say that there is one right way to structure public policy that would both empower women and protect all people. There is a lot that I’m not sure of when it comes to this contentious quagmire.

But, this I can say with the confidence of something that starts on page one of the Scripture and ends on the very last page. GOD IS FOR LIFE!
– He breathed the breath of LIFE into man so that we became a “LIVING SOUL”
– He warned us against turning away from HIM saying that in doing so… “You will surly die!”
– He creates every life in detail (Psalm 139) then claims them for himself – “Behold all lives are mine.” (Eze 18:4)
– God says in the Torah – “Choose life”
– Jesus says in the Gospel – “I came that you might have life”
– At the end of Revelation the Spirit invites us to take, “the water of life”

God, the creator, God the savior, God the sustainer is all about life!
Our problem is we don’t value what God values. This shows up in so many ways in our society. Almost every form of injustice is, at root, a failure to value life. We treat others as objects that either serve or hinder our interests. We exploit the vulnerable and profit off of the weak. This is us moving away from God, the one who is life and this is us rejecting Jesus the one who “has life in Himself” (John 5:26).

That’s why I am so glad that Journey works with Life Perspectives. LP is about valuing what God values.
Their mission is
Educating men, women and youth to value their own lives and the lives of others

They write, speak, train and coach to get this done. It’s not a political advocacy (although there is a place for that). It’s far more “up-stream”. It’s more about changing the way we think and what we value.

So as a part of our partnership we are diving into LIFE WALK! We have over 25 people walking and lots more sponsoring. It would be great if YOU DECIDED TO DO THE WALK. It’s fun! It’s inspiring! You will meet other people from Journey. If you can’t walk, you can pledge to one of us doing the walking. How about me for example?

Check out this link for info. Click here.
If you want to register on line click here.
If you would like to support moi (that’s me) click here.
Let’s be a little more God like and value LIFE. And let’s step up to the plate and do something very practical to make this happen! I hope you find a way to participate in LIFE WALK.



  1. Ed- The Vintage Us series really speaks to me, several things you’ve said have made me think ” Ed can read minds, this is exactly what goes thru my head when I consider the whole ‘surrender’ concept”. Well, I’ve finally surrendered, and can feel God working in my life everyday. So many things have happened in last two years without me falling apart, together with lots of positive things recently, I have to finally acknowledge God has been holding my hand this whole time, I’m not the ‘Rock’, He is, and the only reason I haven’t ‘hit the wall’. Chris Rader, bless his heart, has known this all along! Six months ago, acknowleding this fact to myself, or anyone else felt awkward at best, no longer, and it’s a huge relief, due in very large part to your down to earth teaching, the right message at the right time. Thank you so much! I plan to become involved in some way at Journey, while working on my spirtual growth, for which I will no doubt need guidence, and know I will find it there, though I’m not looking forward to the inevitable tsunami of tears I’ve been holding on to forever, once I actually talk to someone. I will end here before this turns into a short novel. Thanks again for being a great teacher.

  2. Ed, has there been any word about the cholera outbreak affecting pastor Edward’s people and our team in Haiti? Also looking for news about Margie and the supply situation for the orphanage in Africa.

    The Vintage Us series is “meat” for building the community- thanks for being the lead goat. Just what we need. You know that shepherds of sheep usually have a goat lead the flock because the goat is smarter and doesn’t get distracted… or maybe they just are more focused on reaching the food.

  3. Pro life walk=good!!! Thanks! Our oldest (20 years old) was scheduled to be aborted twice. Appointments were made by her maternal grandmother. B-mom didn’t keep appointments, was disowned and suffered greatly. Eventually placed sick daughter for adoption after seeking baptism although knowing nothing about the Lord. B-mom is now a Christian. 20 year old girl thriving and loving God, Family happy…yahoo! God is good.

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