Posted by: Ed | October 19, 2010

GOD, GIVE ME GUTS and the Weekend that Was

In our VINTAGE US series in the book of Acts, we came to what really amounts to part 2 of the story “GOD HEALS” that begins in Acts 3.

The chapter begins with Peter and John in mid-sentence being arrested by the “powers that be” in the temple. Their gutsy response to what had to be a scary encounter is remarkable.

Here’s the connection that we were trying to draw over the last 2 weeks: GOD HEALS – He is a God who heals, who has good things for us, who wants us to step in faith into the goodness that He has for us. But there are bullies in the schoolyard of life that will try to take your lunch money (i.e. the good thing that God has given you). So, YOU HAVE TO HAVE GUTS TO LIVE THE LIFE. There’s no substitute.

We need guts to lean into a work that God has done or is doing in us. We need guts to believe that God can still use us, that we are not washed up. We need guts to pray big prayers like the one that the Vintage Us community prayed after being threatened and bullied:
Lord, listen to their threats! We are your servants. So make us brave enough to speak your message. Acts 4:29 CEV

JOURNEY UP… THE FINISH – This week I gave a 7ish minute Journey Up update. This is kind of like the beginning of the finish. Pray about taking a slice and ending this with a big win.
I’ll be writing a separate post on “JOURNEY UP… the FINISH” later. We hope to land it before the end of this year! For now plan to come to one of the info deserts on Monday, October 25 or Wednesday, the 27th.



  1. Marvin and I have felt the push back big time.The message Sunday was a comfort and a conformation of what to do.Thanks.

  2. I loved this message Ed. We felt in sync with you over in Noah’s Club because the kids bottom line this month is “I can count on God” and their memory verse this month is Duet. 31:6 “Be strong and courageous do not be afraid for God is with you.”

  3. Getting push back right now but pressing through. Probably because I am equipping 2 other churches in healing concurrently…worth it…lots of healings, some miraculous. Prayers Please.

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