Posted by: Ed | October 4, 2010

VINTAGE US, “NOW THIS IS CHURCH” & the Weekend that Was

Epic Weekend! Really, no joke! It was EPIC!

NOW THIS IS CHURCH – Week 3 of Vintage Us was a blast. If you are going to talk about “US” and you want people walking away with “lift up your eyes” kind of vision, could there be any better story to tell than our “Origin Story” in Acts 2. Some have called the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2 the “birth of the church”. O.k. But whether or not that is its birth, that is clearly it’s origin story and a kind of 1st fruit offering (like the original feast of Shavu’oth – Weeks) of what God intended.

It makes me think of a couple of Hyble-isms (from Bill Hybles, founding pastor of Willow Creek Church in Chicago – one of our mentor churches).

“The Church is the Hope of the World”
“There’s nothing like the church when the church is working right.”

That’s Acts 2 in a nutshell. Last week we looked at the “coming of the Spirit” part. This week we focused on “what that began to look like as they lived it out” part.

WORSHIP – It was great to have Jason leading. There were several very poignant moments in each service.

BAPTISM – I love our Beach Baptism parties. It’s real! It’s like you feel so many emotions so strongly in the course of one afternoon. There are tears, laughter, solemnity, silliness. Honestly, I love it, but I am wrung out by the end of the day. The stories behind each person – stories of grace, deliverance, the breaking of addictions, the freedom from guilt and religion, reconciliation and healing. “THIS IS CHURCH!”

As a bonus, I had the privilege of meeting Tim and Beverly LaHaye at the Baptism party. Tim is a legendary pastor and was there to see his daughter in law get baptized. He was a wonderful encouragement – warm and affirming.

On a more serious note, I finally got back in the H2O on Saturday for super fun surf session. The strong swell that I missed was fading, but there was enough energy for really fun waist to head high peelers. Some how the water had warmed up and some fellow Journey-ites and I had an amazing session! I needed it.

Coming up, a separate post with more baptism pics!



  1. Loved the Bluesmobile analogy.Now thats a word picture one will never forget!

  2. This series has been truly dynamic and spirit filled. I love music and l like to sing it especially if it has to do with the service or my spiritual and personal life. So during this service, two songs came to my mind, both are by Steven Curtis Chapman, the first one was “Dive” . Part of the lyrics are,
    (I’m diving in, I’ m going deep, in over my head,
    I want to be, caught in the rush, lost in the flow,
    over my head I want to go. The rivers deep,
    the rivers wide the rivers water is alive,
    so sink or swim I’m going in.)

    With that the other song is “The Great Adventure”.
    (Saddle up your horses,
    we have we have a trail to blaze,
    Through the wild blue yonder,
    With God’s amazing grace,
    Lets follow our leader into the great unknown,
    This is a life like no other.
    This is the great adventure)

    So after hearing the last series and now going into this one, how can we not dive in with God and go on his great adventure. After doing these things, I want to be like that lady in the e-mail, that when God calls me home I want to slide in sideways, with a chocolate bar in one hand and coffee in the other, shouting “WOO HOO what a ride.”

    Thank God for his faithfulness and using people like me for his good.

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