Posted by: Ed | August 31, 2010

GIVE, ‘I’D LOVE TO CHANGE THE WORLD’ and the Weekend that Was

I’m not sure I can put my finger on why, but this was an amazing weekend. It was one of those weekends that just kept building momentum, like a set wave when there is a decent swell in.

The WORSHIP was powerful. It seemed like something clicked when Tim led us to “On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand.”

The 3 NARATIVES that Luke sets next to each other are so “IMPULSE 1” feeding.

The message on GIVE (pray, give, go) seemed to really resonate with people in a powerful way. It was one of those weekends when you could feel the energy from the crowd flowing toward you.

It’s no coincidence that this Sunday culminated our WEEK OF PRAYER!

God clearly has something He is doing among us in this series. It feels to me something like sea change. Think about this:
• We had almost every hour of the week covered ON THE 24/7 PRAYER WALL (PRAY)
• We’ve given 40k to the Haiti (GIVE)
• Our 3rd team in the last 2 and a half months will be leaving for Haiti in about a week (GO)
• Every PRAYER GATHERING this last week had an obvious and powerful sense of the presence of God in it. (PRAY)
• I’m hearing of all kinds of groups serving in conjunction with “Seasons of Service” leading up to LUIS PALAU, SD CITYFEST on Saturday, September 11. (GO)

I love how God is inviting us to join Him in changing the world! I love that it looks like we are saying, “Yeah, Baby! Let me at it!”



  1. Your sermon reminded me that I need the Spirit to move within me during my work, so that I can give to the children whom I teach! I have become too cynical as of late; but God can work miracles, no matter how screwed up a system is!

  2. Awesome weekend and message!! The Step Forward step family workshop was AWESOME as well. God really showed up!!! :) Praise GOD!

  3. Jon, thanks for the good report on the workshop!

  4. Awesome weekend at Journey. The video about why we give that was shown before the message was everything for me. Done. Got it. Let’s get started.

  5. Ed,
    Thanks for stepping up during worship, there was such a tangible shift in the atmosphere when you talked. Fran and I looked at each other and recognized it right away. Faith and a violent pro-God-anti-devil surge happened!
    Now thas wha I’m talkin’ bout!!!

  6. John – Agree. Something happened when Ed said, “That thing – that cancer – that issue, it’s not God. He is God.” That’s the Gospel, right there in a nutshell. I was moved too.

  7. It was a great service! Afterwards we did some shopping at Costco. As we were eating lunch I noticed a homeless man 2 tables over. I kept my eye on him during our lunch and found that I couldn’t even eat. I went back through the line and ordered lunch for him as well. I walked back over to him and just set the food down at his table and said. “I wanted to treat you to lunch today, Have a good day” He replied with such a sincere “thank you”. It may have not been “Give” on a large scale, but it felt right.

  8. Jenn,
    Cool story. Thanks for sharing it.

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