Posted by: Ed | August 17, 2010

GO, I’D LOVE TO CHANGE THE WORLD and the Weekend that Was

I loved this weekend. I love it when a message feels like it’s catching up to something God has already begun to do.

Our series, I’D LOVE TO CHANGE THE WORLD is about 3 concepts that we borrowed from our Haiti “CHURCH TO CHURCH” partnership that we are involved in. C2C is about “PRAY, GIVE, GO”. It occurred to me that this is a pretty basic description of how God involves us in what theologians call “Missio Dei” (the sending of God). Oversimplified, I grant you, but it describes the plan of God to change the world through us. For various reasons we are taking them out of order, so this week we talked about “GO”. It was fun looking at one of the classic “go” statements in the gospels, Matthew 28:18-20.

The Worship was powerful. There are times when the worship preaches. I think one of the ways we should see worship songs, especially those that include wonderful, sweeping declarations of commitment and surrender is “preaching to our own souls.” I could sense that happening as our team led us.

One of the point we brought out was the importance of “HOLDING ‘PLACE’ LOOSELY”. For that part of the message I tag teamed with our worship pastor Jason Denison. He is modeling that. He explained how he and his fam are going to be living missionaly in her homeland of Norway for the next year. Even though Jason (and the rest of us) feel like he is still called to Journey and that isn’t ending, we are joyously entering into this year with him. He will still lead the worship ministry – coming back every month or so, on line, etc.

SD CITYFEST – The “GO” message had a major promotional component to it: promoting SD CITYFEST with Luis Palau. I believe this is going to have a huge impact on our city. The key is that it’s not just about the big gathering on September 11. Yes that will be amazing. But it’s about all the serving that will go on during the “SEASONS OF SERVICE” that we are in right now. The challenge looks like this
• Invite like crazy to the Festival event on Saturday, September 11.
• Find a way to serve and bless our community between now and then. (start by going to the website here)

I’m excited to see how God is going to use this.



  1. What a powerful service on so many levels and how beautiful Jason embodied the message.

    As JCC moves into prayer week, I keep meditating on a line in Exodus that I stumbled upon and just love – it reminds me of Selah. “The cloud covered the tent of meeting, and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle.” (Technically, Moses couldn’t enter then) but it seems the cloud comes during Selah – and I love that Cloud. I also love how all the people come forward with their gifts – “everyone whose heart was stirred and everyone whose spirit was willing.” That to me spells the JCC family and this whole concept of “go”.

    Lastly, “Cat in the Hat” analogy was brilliant, although I must confess I never cared for the Cat in the Hat because of the chaos he introduced into that nice ordered house. (Rigidity starts early). It seems God both introduces chaos while simultaneously restoring order. What a mighty God.

  2. As you spoke sunday one thing came to mind again and again.
    Bear one anothers burdens and so fulfill the Law of Christ. Galatians 6:2 (Catholic version)

  3. As a very young child I wanted to grow up to be Mother Teresa or Gandhi. As an adolescent I dreamed of opening an orphanage. Small child, big dreams. As an adult my prayer has always been, “Use me…lead me.” Now that I am in my sixties there have been times that I have felt like such a failure because none of my big dreams came true. But your message made me realize that I have been guided and used where needed the most. I just haven’t been guided to where I chose. I have often been guided to be in places where there is unbelief,addiction, and pain. I have been guided to serve those that gossip against me, deceive me, and often hurt me. I have not been asked to serve where I receive appreciation or notice. But if my prayer is, “use me” then I have to listen and step up even if it is not where I want to be. Your message was one that I really needed to hear.

  4. laura, I so get what you are saying. You go girl!

  5. For me, my life with Jesus is like a movie. Each time I take notice of Gods’ workings thru review of my Life with HIS PURPOSE formost in my mind, I attain a greater and deeper understanding just how is using me for the good of ALL his people, including ME!

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