Posted by: Ed | August 11, 2010

THE PLAN, CHANGING THE WORLD and the Weekend That Was

Before I get started, in case you are wondering, I’m planning on a post reflecting on the Leadership Summit. Hopefully, I’ll get to that this week.

But this weekend was really cool. God was at work in the services. Summer seemed to finally show up, there were a few waves on Saturday… it was good!

Way more than usual, each service this weekend had it’s own personality with God doing distinct things in each.

Each of the services featured a My Journey by Jim & Linda Doss, who happen to be our partner ministry in Tecate, Mexico. Jared Benitez put together a powerful “reading”.

WORSHIP really moved me and seemed to bring us to the cross. At the Sunday at 9:00 service, during the song “In Christ Alone” I got this sense that there were a few people in the crowd for whom NOW was the time for them to place their faith in Christ and enter the Kingdom of God. The next song, “Lead Me to the Cross” it started to overwhelm so we kind of interrupted our plan and invited people to “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.” It was cool. About 3 or 4 did.

At 11:00, again during the worship (worship really can screw up your plans) I sensed God wanted a prayer time in the middle of the message at a specific point. This week was kind of an overview of the rest of the series – I touched briefly on PRAY, GIVE, GO. Each will get their own message later in the month. The idea under prayer was this: “It’s more important for GOD to act, than for ME to act.” I felt like God wanted people to hold up areas in their lives and ask Him to “spring into action” (that’s how I felt like He was saying it to me). I love it when there is a palpable sense of the Holy Spirit falling on people. I heard of a number of breakthroughs even a couple of healings during and after the service. Cool.

On Sunday afternoon, some friends took us to see “Harvey” at Lamb’s Players Theater in Coronado (Click here for their website).
There was something really moving about the main characters child-likeness and charitable spirit. Plus it was really funny. I’ve never been to anything done by Lamb’s Players that is less than excellent.



  1. i am so glad that you are WILLING to change your plans/sermon for God’s intervention. thank you. it furthers His Kingdom.

    • Thanks for the intervention, God and Ed! I can say for a FACT that prayer was aimed dead at my heart (and faith). Exactly what you said about the pain is what has been going on with me for about 7 months now. Fell as though I have put God 2nd and that is not the way life is. Since the message, I have fasted and prayed more and more. The pain is about 90 percent gone, and the more I pray and fast…..well, the more it leaves my body!!!

      God bless you, brother.

  2. Mike, I love all the things that God is doing in your life. This is so cool.
    May God keep healing so we can paddle out!!!


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