Posted by: Ed | July 22, 2010


We had a big weekend in the middle of July at Journey last weekend! We had several BIG and important things going. To be honest, the service had the potential of having a “Sabado Gigante” kind of feel (part this, part that) but it actually ended up flowing together into a powerful whole.

BABY DEDICATION – We only do this a couple of times a year, but it’s really cool when we do. We put as many babies as we could fit onto the stage. It’s a special time for families. We need to mark BIG events in life and we need a way to invite God into them. There were some very cool moments in each service.

I wish I could put pics of all the kids up.

HAITI UPDATE – Our Haiti exploratory team was back and we needed an update even though there is a lot more thought and work that needs to go into our long-term partnership plan. John shared with us that we are already making a big difference on the ground in Haiti. He also shared that the overwhelming devastation is matched by an obvious moment of spiritual opportunity for the church (them and us!). I love the fact that there was finally some Haiti coverage in the media in the week leading up to the weekend. President Clinton is there. Anderson Cooper did his show from Port Au Prince all week. Loved the timing!

UNTAMED FAMILIES – In case you didn’t figure it out, the title of the message, and frankly some of the ideas were inspired by Alan Hirsch’s book, Untamed. Clearly that book rocked me and I’m still processing it. On the other hand this was one of those messages that have been brewing in me from quite a while. It just so happened to be in the midst of our non-series series, July at Journey and seemed fitting since we were having enough babies on the stage cause Pampers stock to jump 10 points. The one idea is that I didn’t have time to develop was God’s vision of family as “missional”. I think Hirsch’s book has some provocative ideas. My over arching idea is that I think we need a paradigm shift when it comes to the family. Somehow (I do know why, I’m just am using this word rhetorically), we’ve concluded that core to our calling as the ecclesia of the Untamed Jesus is the protection of the traditional American family (traditional since the early 1900s or so). Don’t get me wrong: I am pro-family. But I think “protection” doesn’t sound much like the 1st century church; it doesn’t seem to be a big concern to the crew in Acts. I think we need to see our families as part of God’s mission. As God blesses us with kids, they are in on the mission with us. More could be said, but I’ll stop.

VACATION – I left straight from church for our annual week in Carmel by the Sea. I may post a few pics here. But I’m posting them regularly on Facebook. Check them out there.



  1. You know a book is tailor made for Ed when the opening chapter references a Simpson’s episode while also talking about God. But in all seriously, “The Untamed” book is excellent & I am still thinking about the sermon.

    As a single person, I love both Jesus’ take on family, as well as Paul’s because it makes a place for me and everyone in the Kingdom. Alan and Debra Hirsch (I think Debra has a pretty equal role in authorship – making them an untamed couple in my eyes) really drop a bomb on the nuclear family model and bring it back to what the early church was about. In particular, they seem to build many of their ideas off of Janet Fishburn’s book, which makes me want to read it too (Confronting the Idolatry of Family). (On a sidebar, they quote one of my favorite books in another chapter – “The Harlot by the Side of the Road” which is also pretty radical).

    So – thank you for recommending the book and for the sermon. I didn’t think it struck me much at the time but I obviously can’t stop processing it. Showing me it did hit me on some core levels.

    God and John are showing me this. Everywhere I turned, your message kept reverberating. Weird.
    Τεκνία, φυλάξατε ἑαυτὰ ἀπὸ τῶν εἰδώλων.

  2. Oswald Chambers wrote,”we are in oneness with God when are obeying Him.” When we as families endeavor to focus on God and what He is saying to us (the practice of trying and learning to listen) life can be quite the adventure.

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