Posted by: Ed | May 28, 2010

HAITI PICS from Thursday

I finally was able to get enough bandwidth to get these pics up. They were meant to be in yesterday’s post. I’d love to put up more, but thought I’d better take what I can get when I can get it.

Today, Friday, we’re off to one of the thousands of tent-cities in Haiti.



  1. The second picture is so funny. That is totally the face I get when I am overwhelmed with the kids. It is so great that you have this opportunity to not only see the need first hand and pray for those who are struggleing yet surviving, but also to be able to experience the joy that can still thrive in the face of Caos. Looks like you are having fun.

  2. Keep bringin’ it….The Kingdom and all that goes with it!!!!! Now you rock in Haitian!!! Prayin’ fo ya!

  3. Awesome….love the pictures, especially of the kids! It’s so humbling to see them smile despite their tragedy…puts everything in perspective. And what do I have to complain about?

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