Posted by: Ed | May 18, 2010

HURT LOCKER, GOD AT THE MOVIES and the Weekend that Was

One would have to try pretty hard to find two movies with more of a contrasting feel than our 1st God at the movies selection, The Blindside and this week’s film, The Hurt Locker.

There were a lot of challenges. If Blindside is inspirational, Hurt Locker is gut wrenching. Lots of people asked before the weekend, “how are you going to find a redemptive thread in THAT?” Make no mistake, it was a challenge, but maybe not the kind you would think. We have to remember that not all of the Bible is inspirational, upbeat. There are long sections of it that give you a view of this broken world in HD. So in many ways, Hurt Locker, a movie set in a chaotic, tragic, frustrating, dangerous place is a gold mine to preach the other half. We ended up talking a lot about “the Fall of Man” and the resultant cures on the earth itself.

Honestly, I loved this movie. It’s an amazing and moving movie. But I also freely admit that it was hard to watch.

Next week we’ll be looking at Up In The Air



  1. word’s out on marko’s blog about church to church. can’t wait to hear about it Ed. i’d love to see journey reach out like this.

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