Posted by: Ed | May 12, 2010

BLINDSIDE, GOD AT THE MOVIES and the Weekend that Was

We kicked off perhaps our most popular series, God At The Movies on Mother’s day this weekend with a film in which the hero is a heroine.

The best thing about the weekend for me was seeing that you Journey peeps are inviting your rear-ends off! I met so many new people in addition to all the mom’s who had people there as their gift (you know the ol’ – “all I really want for mother’s day is for you to come to church with me).

Speaking of mother’s day, I want to say “thanks” to all the moms of Journey for their high “get it” factor and their amazing spiritual IQ. If it’s true that mother’s day is a huge bring day (and it is) then it stands to reason that a good chunk of those people coming with moms, wives and girlfriends are male. Based on that, we’ve taken the approach that we need to put a service together with them in mind. Yes, we honor moms, but the whole service isn’t a “mom service”.

This year of course it worked out perfectly, this movie’s is a great mom movie, but it’s a football story and has great male characters as well as cameos by famous football coaches. It ends with footage of the 2009 NFL draft – I mean, COME ON!

But the message is powerful. I loved the contrast between religious nice cultural “Christianity” and the place of authenticity that went through “the least of these” that God had this family on. Thanks Hollywood for thinking of us here at Journey. Start working on something for next year now.

Our worship has clearly been at another level the last few weeks. It seems like Jason and his team are picking songs with instant traction. This weekend we introduced “Our God” by Chris Tomlin. WOW!

Julia did a great job on “Everybody” by Ingrid Michaelson with the pics of Mom’s and their kids that our crack photo team had been taking over the last few weeks. It’s fun to see yourself on the big screen.

My Lakers swept the Jazz last night, so I have plenty of time this week to watch The Hurt Locker over & over. Yikes!



  1. Loved your message Ed. One of my favorites in the past several weeks. I was hanging out with my mom on Sunday and she mentioned how much she liked it too. Hard for me to pick out one point that impacted me the most because I really liked the whole thing. One thing I think I will start asking myself in gaging my walk with Christ is “when was the last time my heart was broken?”

  2. Mother’s Day is not my favorite day of the year. So what I keep thinking about from this weekend was the juxtaposition of it having been Mother’s day and the film clip where Lian goes to see Michael’s biological mother. Such poignancy there. Though the circumstances differed radically, I had/have a surrogate mother very much like Lian although her name is Lynn and she is South African, Jewish and lives in Old Greenwich). And I remember the pain my mother felt at recognizing that Lynn could provide for me in ways she couldn’t – Lynn had a great marriage, was stable and not an alcoholic. Yet every year my mom would send Lynn and her husband a Hannukah card expressing her enormous gratitude for their role in my life. She also sent Sees candy every Christmas to the man who once was my step-father, thanking him for looking out for me, even though he divorced her. That is a mother’s love.

    I saw Ingrid Michaelson at the House of Blues about two years ago. As I never can make it through the mother’s day slide show with my eyes open, I listened to the song without seeing the singer. She sounded exactly like Ingrid!

  3. PS – And although this may be a complete distortion or perverted reading of the Gospels, I can’t help feel this when I think of my mom’s death and some of its dimensions. “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.” John15:13

  4. 3-word (ala Smith mag) responses:

    Finding Broken People

    Willing To Change

    …Two Heavy Blows!

    What’s My Response?

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