Posted by: Ed | May 5, 2010

FAITH WITHOUT LIMITS and the Weekend that Was

I love looking back on a great weekend at Journey. God was moving.

We concluded our faith series, Beyond Belief with a message called “Faith Without Limits.” I loved pondering Romans 12:3 which was the key verse and main idea in the message.
“For through the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think more highly of himself than he ought to think; but to think so as to have sound judgment, as God has allotted to each a measure of faith.”
For me the ah-ha moment was realizing how connected this was to the “worship” that he talks about it verse one. Romans twelve is Paul’s answer to “what do you give a God like this? A God who has gone to hell & back to connect with You, a God who lays down his life, a God who gives what His son paid for FREE? ANSWER – WORSHIP!!!!
√ Worship that Gives my life back to God
√ Worship that gives myself to becoming like God (v.2)
√ Worship that gives my world back to God (v.3ff)

One of the actionable parts of the message was to believe that God has allotted to ME a measure of faith and gifted ME (charismata – all Christ followers are charismatics, some know it☺) enough to expect to be used significantly in God’s great plan and to prep myself accordingly.

For us at Journey that means the LEADERSHIP SUMMIT! (Click here for a link to the Global Leadership Summit 2010). It’s a great conference. We get a great rate. We host right in our building and it is like motivational rocket fuel. I hope every single one of you sign up. For you who are out of town, tie it in with a trip to SD! In August the ocean is about 72 here! Dive in!

WORSHIP – It seems like we keep picking the perfect songs. I heard some people talking a while back about how uncanny it is that the very place they are emotionally, the place where they real need a touch from God always seems to be addressed by one or two of the songs in our services. I agree. Seriously, this is a Holy Spirit thing.

We introduced a great new song by Jeremy Riddle that I can’t get out of my head this week. It’s called “As Children”. You can check it out here or on iTunes.

WEDDING – On Saturday, I performed a wedding for a great couple Josue and Noelle. I love how you can feel the presence of God as He is invited into huge moments in people’s lives.

GOD AT THE MOVES… We start next week. I would say that we had the greatest series promo video of all times. I’ll link in a post going up tomorrow that discusses GATM.



  1. Loved IT! Powerful proclamation and call to action! I get so bogged down with wanting God to just make my life “happy and normal”…what a waste! You put that on it’s a__!

  2. Hilarious!

  3. We all are continually exercising faith and speaking what we believe and taking action on what we believe and speak….good or bad, positive or negative, faith or unbelief, truth or lies. Our thoughts, our beliefs, our words, our actions our choice.
    Bill Johnson says that once we make an agreement with a lie we are partnering with the enemy.

  4. Awesome Message Ed!!! Love it! God is using that message in my life like crazy! Matter of fact, I got the CD of the Friday night service (the one I went to) and I’m listening to it weekly for now! LOVED IT!!!

  5. You may have come across this. I was reminded of you when I read it.

    One of Paul’s most important teachings… is the doctrine of what we call “justification by faith”. It frequently appears to the non-Christian mind that this is an immoral or at least unmoral doctrine. Paul appears to be saying that a man is justified before God, not by his goodness or badness, not by his good deeds or bad deeds, but by believing in a certain doctrine of Atonement. Of course, when we come to examine the matter more closely, we can see that there is nothing unmoral in this teaching at all. For if “faith” means using a God-given faculty to apprehend the unseen divine order, and means, moreover, involving oneself in that order by personal commitment, we can at once see how different that is from merely accepting a certain view of Christian redemption… That which man in every religion, every century, every country, was powerless to affect, God has achieved by the devastating humility of His action and suffering in Jesus Christ. Now, accepting such an action as a fait accompli is only possible by this perceptive faculty of “faith”. It requires not merely intellectual assent but a shifting of personal trust from the achievements of the self to the completely undeserved action of God. To accept this teaching by mind and heart does, indeed, require a metanoia [“transformation”], a revolution in the outlook of both heart and mind.
    ~J. B. Phillips~

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