Posted by: Ed | April 10, 2010


I know Easter was last weekend (unless you are Orthodox), but thanks to my buddy Marko’s blog (click here for his great blog) I ran into Rob’s 4 minute Resurrection “teaching”. It’s like a preaching music poetry recital video. So cool.

We were privileged to have Rob speak at Journey right before he became a total preaching rock star. He is a wonderful teacher of the scripture. Enjoy!



  1. so good…just what I needed to hear today. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Hey Ed,
    So the graphics & presentation are cool here. Just a little concerned about the content. Like Rob’s representation of Jesus and the reason for His death:

    “I’m going to be killed. That’s where this is headed. Because you don’t confront corrupt systems of power without paying for it.”

    Where is that in Scripture? What about:

    “This is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.” [1 Jn 4:10]

    Without that understanding, the resurrection is meaningless, isn’t it?

  3. Em,
    Great question. Gives me a chance to wax on :-)
    The graphics are amazing & the presentation is poetic! But I think the truth it what gives you goosebumps.
    Here’s where I think this is in Scripture:
    I think the truth of that quote is met at every turn of the passion week leading up to Good Fri!
    – Turning over the money changers tables – direct confrontation of the powers that be
    – The question Jesus asked the leaders about Jn the Baptist – from heaven or men – is an exposure of their corruption
    – The “render unto Caesar” discussion (although you got to dig into the cultural context to get it) answer was a “you guys don’t get it and you have established a structure, an order that is keeping people from God.
    – Of course there was Matt 23 – during passion week – the denunciation of the whole corrupt religious power structure.
    – Followed up by the Olivet discourse – in which Jesus pronounces Judgment over the whole temple and it’s worship – not one stone upon another.
    From the Jewish religious leaders perspective this is the direct answer to the question: why did they orchestrate His execution. Of course there was something much bigger in play, they were serving God’s purposes – ala Isaiah 53.

    I think John said it best – big surprise, the apostle says it best:
    1 Jn 3:8 The Son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil.

    Jesus death and resurrection isn’t just a redemption of me, or of all the me’s. It’s a redemption of the US, even the creation, the planet itself as Paul says in Rom 8.

    Thanks for the question and the opportunity to get the “other easter message” (the one that didn’t get preached last weekend) off my chest!


  4. Rob’s passion is contagious, encouraging and refreshing and for us today…..Let’s forget about all the whys NOT to…..or why we CAN’T….. OR WHY IT’S NOT FOR TODAY and go & heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the dead, free the captives, tell the world about a risen savior who can change their life and circumstances RIGHT NOW…….lets change the world around us…..we CAN BECAUSE the RESURRECTED JESUS SAYS WE CAN and is with us!!
    Rob said “Everybody is believing something, everyone trusts something ” I agree….Right now We have faith for miracles or faith for no miracles and that will determine what will happen. Right now we believe that darkness or evil is triumphing or God and Good is triumphing. I sometimes think we have more faith for bad things and the power of the devil than in God and the good He wants to do in and thru us.
    A man came up to me for prayer after 2nd service. He said “I am plagued by fear and depression, anxiety and night terrors.”
    I told him the root cause of this was demonic oppression and prayed for and with him against these things. Although it may not politically or theologically correct in some of todays western churches, I came against oppressive spirits (demons) of fear and depression. When we were finished he said”something happened! I feel different, lighter! I know that I’m going to do better”. I counseled him on how to stand against this oppression and gave him my email address. He later emailed me to say how wonderful he was doing and thanked Jesus for setting him free.
    As you said ED, what if Paul didn’t say “Stand up and walk” to the, man at Lystra? I guarantee nothing would have happened!!!!
    Why didn’t Jesus say to Peter…..”Now Pete, you know that walking on water is only for me and super, faith giants, holy, sinless people! No he probably smiled broadly and said to himself “Pete’s getting it!!!” and said “Go for it Pete!!!” And he says the same to us now!!
    I am so weary of all the reasons I hear of why Jesus isn’t “the same yesterday, today and forever”! But, I have SEEN THE MIRACLES that prove over and over that HE IS!!

  5. Wow, great message from Rob. And an even greater Truth from God!!! Praise God!!!! And a good word John! :)

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