Posted by: Ed | March 28, 2010


This would have been a good day to be a disciple of Jesus. You’ve known for a while, this man is The Messiah. But he has at times seemed intent on keeping people wondering. At least that’s how it looked to you. Now, Jesus rolls into Jerusalem in a way that no one, I mean no one will wonder if HE is claiming to be the Messiah.

Read Matthew 21:1-11
This story has so many wonderful insights and lessons. Start with the most obvious. Pray a prayer something like this:
“Jesus, let their be no doubt, You are the Messiah. I declare that You are My Lord and Savior.”

Here’s a little explanation of the “Hosanna” in a footnote from the NET bible (click here to see it on line)
The expression Hosanna [wordpress won’t import gk or heb text] (hoœsanna, literally in Hebrew, “O Lord, save”) in the quotation from Ps 118:25–26 was probably by this time a familiar liturgical expression of praise, on the order of “Hail to the king,” although both the underlying Aramaic and Hebrew expressions meant “O Lord, save us.” In words familiar to every Jew, the author is indicating that at this point every messianic expectation is now at the point of realization. It is clear from the words of the psalm shouted by the crowd that Jesus is being proclaimed as messianic king.

Hosanna means save us now – where do you need God to deliver and save. Where do you desire God to rescue? Take a moment to cry Hosanna! If you are alone, sing the song that we did in the worship service (if you are not alone, make sure you have a good voice and can hold a tune).



  1. Thanks for posting these, Ed. This particular directive helped ground me in the scripture and I love the photos.

    I am starting to read your assigned passages (these and the ones you give in church) in Greek. I’m too lazy to parse all the words when the passages aren’t for class but it’s really helping me learn inductively. It reminds me that sometimes the best learning happens when we don’t effort and just learn for the sake of fun and exploration. Whether we get it all or not.

  2. I’m reading your blog posts backwards as I’m behind on them. So I have to add that for me, the story of May anointing Jesus with perfume is one of the most moving stories in the bible. I love her extravagant, brave love; her surrender and completely open heart. Thanks for including it.

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