Posted by: Ed | March 24, 2010

REHOBOAM, TOOLS & FOOLS & the Weekend that Was

In the weekend services at Journey we concluded as short series on 3 of the 1st four kings of Israel called “Tools and Fools”.
Check out the video created for the series by our amazing Dan Stevers

Tools and Fools from Dan Stevers on Vimeo.

Sometimes when you preach / teach you feel like the very series or subject matter is especially “in step with the Spirit” (there’s a J.I. Packer book by this title – thus the quotation marks). This stuff really seemed to strike a cord & do so at the right time. For me the most poignant thought that will haunt me is the idea that three of the first four kings of Israel fell into life wasting foolishness. They all feel from not only knowledge of God but from amazing experiences of God. I see so much foolishness still “bound up in my heart”. I hope you are praying with me, “lead us not into temptation.”

I LOVE WHERE OUR COMMUNITY IS GOING IN WORSHIP! We were talking in meeting today about this and I remembered what Jack Hayford (in my pastor hall of fame click here for his website) once said in an interview:
“It is infinitely easier to cultivate a congregation that will listen to the Word of God than to cultivate a people who will worship God.” (For the Christianity Today article click here)

We at Journey are not there yet, and wherever “there” is will be distinct to us, but I’m encouraged by what God’s doing & has already done. Let’s press in!

HOLY SPIRIT MOMENT – I was struck in our Friday Night services that the worship needed to continue on the last song specifically we needed to pray with arms open before the Lord. It’s an odd and not altogether helpful historical development that when we say, “let’s pray” we close our eyes and become more closed with our bodies. So I got up and it seemed like a moment in which God wanted to meet us. But I love how God is willing to interrupt hundreds of people because He has something special for one! After the service, a young single mom who found Jesus and Journey at the first of the year came up to me to tell me how she felt tonight like the Lord was telling her take it up a notch in her worship. She felt specifically like God was prompting her to raise her hands. But she was a little scared and didn’t. When we messed things up, she felt so affirmed and like God was reaching out to her. This woman came to Journey at the very end of hope ready to totally give up. You can now see hope all over her. I love a God who says to building full of people, “you all don’t mind if I stop your service to connect with someone I really care about do you?” May we always answer, heck NO!



  1. Years from now we are going to look back on this series and say, “Whoa, God did some deep things in our lives and the life of our church.” I know he did in mine and (sorry to say) I wasn’t all that fired up about this series. But clearly God spoke to me that humility is a choice not born of the flesh, great experiences and talent but of His Spirit. We were made to worship God and yes it’s time to press on, in, through TO BREAKTHROUGH… you can feel it like something tangible in the air at JCC. It’s coming and He is preparing us for it! Thank you Jesus!!!

  2. I love this stuff!!! How can you not??

  3. Awesome series! With all those “how to and how not” examples that God gave us …surely you can extend it a few months?!

  4. Chris, somehow I don’t think Tools & Fools works for holy week -but come to think about it…

  5. This was a great series. I think you were correct in saying there is so much stuff about these guys lives and there is only so much time to share. I encourage everyone to take the time to bring their bitterness to the table and crush it with forgiveness and then return back to their own life the joy that we all can have through humbling ourselves to remember that no one is perfect, I think that is something we can all learn from this message on being Tools and Fools. Don’t be a tool and walk in unforgiveness it is the given gift from Jesus for all sinners to come to Christ.

  6. Sorry about the typing error. I was thinking fools walk in unforgiveness because they don’t understand the gift of forgiveness so they loose out on the Joy of the Lord’s gift of forgiveness for themselves. I was suppose to type. Don’t be a fool and walkin in unforgiveness because forgivenss is the given gift from Jesus for all sinners to come to Christ. I personally enjoy love and forgiveness, they are creative miracles to those who have never experienced them.

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