Posted by: Ed | December 23, 2009

HELLO, GOD – LIFE and the Weekend that Was

This was an intense weekend for me. There was a lot we were dealing with as a Church that frankly drained the heck out of me. But it’s funny how God comes through when you feel like you don’t have it.

This was the last message before “Christmas Eve at Journey” which is one of our biggest & most fun things we do at Journey. So we had a little locker room speech feel going throughout the service with Rod’s hosting & at the beginning of the message. Click here.

It was also our last message in the Hello, God series in John’s prologue. (John 1:1-18). I have loved wrestling with this amazing & beautiful text. It’s a challenge to get one’s head around it & it’s a challenge to speak plainly about it. It’s not a challenge to “worship-preach” about it. There is a reason that we call our weekend services, “WORSHIP” services, not preaching services. Everything that happens is about worship. Some messages are more clearly “Expository Exultation” (a John Piper phrase). This passage may be hard to handle in other respects but not this one.

HEATHER SURBER’S MY JOURNEY – I loved the vulnerable & powerful illustration of the “power of simple invitation”. Check out Rod’s reflection on this on his great blog site – click here.

POEM & READING – Our own April King wrote a great little story channeling her inner Dr. Seuss called Green Beans & Spam. It was a cute, funny & powerful little story that Chris Turner delivered LIGHTS OUT!

WORSHIP – I needed to be born along in our worship & singing this week. I love our team’s heart. I love how they keep pointing to Jesus. Plus they rock!

SURF THERAPY – I needed a little wave therapy & am thankful for a crew of guys from JCC. It’s so fun to surf with a bunch of really good guys. The waves were so-so, but it was epic in Bro-age. I also was glad to connect with my friends down there who are far from God and make the Christmas Eve invite.

24 – As I’m writing this it is 24 hours before our 1st service. I’m a little nervous but way more stoked. I hope to see you there WITH someone you brought.

Merry Christmas!



  1. You mentioned that Jesus is the “exact image and representation of the father”. And that He fully revealed and explained the father. If this is so, and He healed All who came to Him without turning anyone away for any reason, why do we have such a hard time believing that was the will of the God then and the will of God NOW!! Have they changed their mind?
    We must rethink our thoughts, and unchallenged teachings and reasonings and refuse to let our experiences trump the truth and the unchanging character and nature of Jesus and the father! No ?
    Jesus preached AND demonstrated the Gospel Of the Kingdom and the Fathers will by healing the sick and driving out demons. Jesus believed the Gospel without power was unacceptable then and we should believe it is unacceptable now! Will there ever come a time when we can say to the unbelieving world, like Jesus “If you don’t believe my words, believe because of the miracles….”? I say “the time to begin is NOW!” I believe we all desire to be FULLY conformed into the Image of Christ….. Why not In word and deed?

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