Posted by: Ed | November 20, 2009

SCARY SIDE OF WORSHIP and the Weekend that Was

Well better late than never! It’s been an intense week.
• Finishing up MESSAGE SERIES LAY OUT for the 2010 thru Easter – finally got it to our team who will lay out the “WEEKEND GUIDE”.
• Getting ready for the retreat I’m doing for my friends at Oasis (the High School ministry at Brookside Church in Omaha).

This weekend was great! So I didn’t want to miss a chance to reflect on it with you.
MESSAGE – The message was on the Sacrifice aspect of worship. To be honest, I really wrestled with this message. I didn’t really like what I was coming up with until Friday at about 4:30. All of the sudden it was like a “Beautiful Mind” moment. I was able to see the Word from God in the sermon. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but it was cool. It was clear that God was moving at several points.

WORSHIP – It was important to us put some of the stuff in the message into practice right away. So we laid out the service with part of the message coming after a 2nd set of praise & worship songs. It was very cool to see people respond.

STUFFED SATURDAY – Saturday, for me as may full. I got up earlier than usual for a super fun surf session. It was one of those rare times when I caught the tide just right & happened to meet Randy out in the water. I passed the rest of the crew going in as I was taking off. Then it was off to Laurie Kolenberg’s wedding. It was great to see a lot of old friends at this very large wedding. We had our long time friend John Alford staying with us over the weekend so we spent some time with him as well.

SELAH –It’s so good to spend time in community in the presence of the Lord with minimal agenda. We saw a lot of people touched by the Lord. It was cool to see a healing of someone who had lost his hearing in one ear & walked out hearing well in that ear. Selah is a great balance of seeking the “Face of God” and seeking the “hand of God”. I think it’s important that the order looks like that.

GIVING TREE – I love this opportunity. Jim & Linda Doss, who are part of Journey, lead HIIS Ministry (click here We had about 190 very poor kids in Tecate, Mexico whose pictures are on little ornaments with their stories on the back. For $30.00 we can get them a nice gift for Christmas that they really need. We can help a family significantly & personally since we have people on the ground. Of course it helps that they are about 30-40 minutes from the Front doors of Journey.

As I said, above I’ll be out speaking this weekend. I always miss being at Journey when I’m out speaking or something. But this weekend is going to be fantastic and unique.



  1. What happened with the 11/22 service. It was the most boring, uninteresting, poorly prepared worship service I have ever experienced at Journey.
    I had expected your usual great ending to what had been a wonderful series on worship. I was so motivated that I invited some friends who are in need of a church home to attend. I have told them many times about the dynamic services our teaching pastor provides. They were not impressed with this service, in fact they thought it was terrible. Sitting in the cafe after the service, many other people expressed the same concern.
    Please, please, please put the “A” team back in. Jason is great for music but…….

  2. Jason is great in music;remember this is God leading him to do more. we should all take a risk and see where God leads us. You go Jason and follow your heart. My Husband and i enjoyed your documentary.

  3. Wow, I was surprised at the comment about the service being boring. I really enjoyed Jason’s documentary, and it hurt my feelings to see a negative comment. I think his comments about the importance of our church community may have been missed, and I wonder at why anyone would think that such a negative review could possibly be edifying. Even if I had been missing you, Pastor Ed, which I did, or if I was not interested in Jason’s scholarly (but friendly) analysis, I would think that a Christ-follower might want to uplift a brother. Anyway, it was a wonderful presentation, and Jason’s thughtful work was impressive to me.

  4. Just for the record. I received a lot of emails & facebook comments on this past weekend. All them were very positive.
    I haven’t got to look at it yet, but I knew what was coming & was excited about something different.


  5. Jason’s documentary was raw and authentic. My husband and I have been visiting Journey for a few months and the last few weeks have confirmed that we have found our chruch home – a place where leaders are real and we can feel comfortable coming “just as we are”.

    Jesus said we are to worhip in Spirit and in truth. Jason’s heart for leading us into authentic worship was communicated in his documentary and is evident each week in the songs he chooses and the way he leads. We love Ed’s teaching and also respect the fact that he shares the teaching platform with others. As far as we are concerned, you are all on the “A” team.

    Danna Demetre

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