Posted by: Ed | October 28, 2009


Well it happened again, and I’ve been thinking about blogging about it for 3 weeks so here goes!
It’s about the best hour of my week… so far.

Here’s what you got to get out of your head to make some sense of this: “dude is Joe Pastor so of course this is what he’s going to say.” I get it. I’m thinking it myself. But walk with me a little ways. Another disclaimer, if you like Pastor’s neat & perfect, please stop reading right now. Seriously, this isn’t going to work for you.

O.k. so here it is: The best hour of my week, so far, is my hour on our 24/7 Prayer Wall.

“I knew it!”
Would you give me a second here! Geeezzz!

Today (Wednesday, October 28, 2009) I feel like I am waking up behind. You know that feeling where you already know you can’t get done the stuff you really do need to get done in a given day. I caught myself walking out of my house at 6:40something mumbling, ‘Today’s going to blow!’ Sorry, that’s the truth. Of course, I rebuked myself right there. But that gives you my mindset.

So, I’m asking, begging God to not let this hour, my hour on the wall, be an annoying obstacle to all the things I actually need and to be honest WANT to do. My iCal alarm goes off at 9:45 signaling I’ve got 15 minutes.

So I get my prayer guide out. I’ve decided to submit myself for this hour to the Hour that Changes the World prayer guide that everyone else is using. I don’t want to play “expert” and freelance my way through.

We start the hour with worship. I dial up the Anthem CD that I’ve been loving lately. Ka-Pow! God comes and literally overwhelms me. No lie, I’m grabbing for the Kleenex box, only a little bit out of shame for my earlier attitude. Mostly, I’m overwhelmed with His goodness, His unspeakable grace, His infinite mercy, His utmost patience, the beauty of the Life with God.
The next 59 minutes FLEW by.

There are a few hours left on the 24/7 Prayer Wall that aren’t yet covered. Why don’t you take one! I know you don’t have to sign up for anything to pray. But there is something cool about the accountability of knowing I can’t let go of MY end! There is something momentum building about knowing that someone finished praying right before you & someone is picking it up the very next minute.

To get yourself signed up, send an email to

I’m still way behind, but I’m good with that. This day is going to ROCK!



  1. Ed, thanks for your honesty in this post. I think some people think this hour is for the professionals and like you don’t have time to give an hour to seek God for Revival in our lives, church and city (Dont forget the City of San Diego). We only have time for what we make time for – this has to be very intentional. Isn’t that one of the definitions of love, it’s an act of your will… the feelings come after you make the decision to be intentional. Disclaimer – there’s an exception to everything right? Let’s not put God in a box and so on and so forth. We will never have all the time we want so we should invest in the right things, the things of God and believe me we cannot spend enough time in these things either. Worship and Prayer are definitely God things. That’s why one hour is so great! Everyone can squeeze an hour in and you would be surprised how that affects the rest of your day, week and life. I heard at a conference recently that we are not waiting on God anymore, He’s waiting on us… The great revivalists always spent more time in prayer than preaching/teaching/healing. As a matter of fact Jesus ‘often withdrew to lonely places to pray’ He knew where His strength was. He confronted the religious leaders hypocracy, the people’s unbelief, the disciples density and even the demonic because He took the time to pray in abiding faith with His Father. He stored strength, faith, love and power for those times when he drew away to be with God. Amen.

    Let’s be carried away to God for that hour. If Jesus drew away then we need to be carried away. So come on CHURCH lets get carried away with Jesus.

    To Him be the Glory!

  2. There is something akin to relief in spending a whole hour with
    one’s mind totally focused on others! How grand it feels to care! I ask myself, do I really believe that this time will have
    eternal consequences? I believe it will!
    Also, it feels a bit like being in an Olympic Relay Race-passing the baton on to the next “prayer runner”-and we all know how important it is to not fumble the pass! Get out of the stands, get out of your habitual rut,
    and join us! :)

  3. nice…
    I Love it!

  4. Prayer Guide??!! No one said anything about a handy guide!! I’m always out there in left field….

    (Been freelancing whether the waves are knee high or 10 feet…probably should look for that handy Insider Prayer Guide?!)

  5. Chris, you have to know someone on the prayer team to get the prayer guide :-)


    • ” Dooough! (ala Homer Simpson)

  6. I was pleased to be part of the hour of prayer tonight and which I believe I may have been the “starter” of our prayer chain. I had a very fulfilling and rejoicing talk with God during my hour of prayer, so exciting I cannot turn to sleep even now. Good night all.

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