Posted by: Ed | October 23, 2009


On Tuesday night, I was asked to come in & do a Q & A on the subject of homosexuality for our 20something group that goes by the moniker, Real Life. (You can check out Real Life on Facebbook by searching real life at Journey – or click here)

It was a great night and God answered prayers as I answered questions. I felt like I had some words from Him. There were a few poignant moments during my part.

But, honestly, that wasn’t the highlight of the evening. Dave Merk led us into a small group discussion. There were a lot of honest thoughts and feelings. Then one of the regulars shared her journey through issues of same-sex attraction, body image and the power of God’s grace to break secrets. I was on the edge of my chair. Amazing! (You will probably here her story in a weekend service before too long).

The group also celebrated the one-year birthday of a little boy whose single mom brings him every week. His arrival is what spurred her to seek God. The group also pitched in for a little gift that totaled over 2 months of child support. I love the body of Jesus. As Bill Hybles says, “there’s nothing like the church when the church is working right.”

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it’s a picture of the Kingdom.




  1. The hearts of those at Journey are so BIG! How wonderful for that mother and son to have such great support and love around them.

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