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This month at Journey we have been in a series on prayer cleverly titled: PRAYER! From day one our vision for this series was that it would be PARTICIPATIVE! As I’ve said in each service, it would be more about what happens between weekends. We’ve already seen the prayer temp starting to rise & Journey & I don think that a lot of people are “trying on a new normal.”

Well starting Sunday we are kicking it up a notch with a WEEK OF PRAYER! Here’s what that looks like & then I’ll share what I’d love to see from YOU!

  • SOAK – this week’s message will look at a part of prayer that a lot of people called “soaking”. Soaking in the presence of God. That is fitting b/c this is one of the main ways to kick things to a new normal.
  • SELAH – Sunday night we will have our EXTENDED WORSHIP & PRAYER gathering called Selah. The word is in the Psalms & it means something like, “pause” or “musical interlude.” It’s a great time to have a minimally agended time to be with the Lord & worship, seek & pray.
  • PRAYER MEETINGS MONDAY – THRUSDAY – every night we’ll have a prayer gathering at 7:00 p.m. They will each have a different flavor.
  • 24/7 WALL OF PRAYER – we are seeking this week to have continuous prayer going up from Journey. We are breaking the week up into 1-HOUR SEGMENTS that people are signing up for.
  • FASTING – we are encouraging everyone to pick a day or 2 this week & abstain from food for the purpose of seeking God.

Lots of stuff. I know you probably can’t do all of this, but I’d love for you to get a piece of each part of our week of prayer. I think it would be great if you came to all the meetings (I’ll be at all of them) but do what you can, JUST GET A PIECE OF IT!


–       Fast 2 of the meals on one of the days of next week.

–       Show up to one evening prayer gathering

–       Try an hour of prayer – see what it would be like to press in for an hour, to persist & prevail!

Hebrews 11:6 says that God is a “rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.” Well what’s the reward?


Wait for it….

GOD – YOU GET GOD! How cool is that when you seek Him, he let’s you find Him. (See 1 Chronicles 28:9)
I’m looking forward to seeking Him with you next week. I need it! I think we need it. We need HIM!



  1. Ed, I have been loving the focus on prayer, the journal, etc. The first sentence of the intro to this series was awesome ‘Prayer is Primal” – I have been an intercessor for 15 yrs and heard/read a lot on prayer but this coins a new phrase that describes prayer in it’s truest sense in that it embraces the cry of the heart and encourages us to let it OUT!!! I know the gatherings this week starting with the Selah on Sunday and ending Thursday will be powerfull and God will reveal Himself in our midst as we seek His Face.

    I read this week and heard at the San Diego Regional Pastors Day of Prayer and Worship that the Hebrew word for Presence is the same as face. I believe that when we look full into His Face we will be changed and reflect back to the world the beauty and majesty of Jesus. I also believe that God wants to redeem prayer or the prayer meeting. God desires to release joyful and enjoyable prayer to His Church.

    So let’s primal . . .

    Worship is agreement with who God is.

    Intercession is agreement with what God promises to do.

    and seek God’s Face this next week. Get ready to enjoy God on a level or you put it with a new normal.

    Your friend,
    Steven Johnson

  2. One momre thought on Prayer Is Primal

    It’s Scriptural – the Holy Spirit intercedes and groans for us with inexpressable words.

    Read Romans 8:26

    When we cannot pray for whatever reason inexpressable joy or pain or grief the Holy Spirit turns these groans from our spirit into intercession in accordance with God’s will.

    Prayer Is Primal when we are weak and cannot pray the Holy Spirit knows what the groan of your heart is and prays it up to God.

    How awesome is that!!!

  3. Ed-

    A few thoughts this week on prayer from the “BELIEVE” message.

    A key point made, but not in the outline, related to holding onto one another’s faith at times. This really should not be discounted, taken lightly or underutilized. I have witnessed time and again the sustaining, healing and moving power of God when one believer recognizes the need of another and purposes (sometimes spoken and often not) to hold onto another’s faith for them.

    This involves an imagining or vision from God of what you should be hoping or holding faith for the other person. This God given picture can be held in one’s minds eye while praying for that person(s) until such a time as God ordains the vision to become reality in their lives.

    A key element of this process is not just having or holding faith for another person with the God given vision, but also requires a heavy dose of compassion and mercy. This is usually the motivation to hold faith for another and what sustains you to prayer for the duration God leads you to hold onto their faith for them.

    I hope this makes sense. It’s much easier to do than to try and explain.


  4. Ed,
    Your message tonight (Fri) was awesome! Not that you usually aren’t great to listen to…but it is as if you are answering some deep questions that have been rooted into the very core of me. I have had a sense that what I am going through, or what I have been through is only mine…but it is as if you preach directly to the most core parts of who I am and what I desire.
    The insight you provide and the time you put into your presentations are wonderful. Thank you and the rest of the Journey community for touching so many lives.

  5. Awesome month on Prayer. Have enjoyed many divine meetings from the Holy Spirit’s ministry this week. His Holiness has been my happiness in this charge of a new level overflowing in his normal. Prayer is all around us as it says on page 11 in the Prayer Journal of JCC. Zephaniah 3:17 “The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you; He will quiet you with his love: He will rejoice over you with singing.” The phrase, he will rejoice over you with singing really woke me up to listen to hear this singing in his Kingdom of Lover over us Father over me. Joy is always in his presence because he sings joyfully over us. It is an answer for me to learn how much he loved his children and how much he continues to teach us about his love for us. Because he is love and his Loving Character can not be separated from his nature of Love or his joy of Jesus. Growing in Love because of his Love.

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