Posted by: Ed | August 4, 2009


Broken record time (or skip on the CD): This was another great weekend at Journey.
•    MARKO’S MESSAGE ON “THE VALUES JOURNEY” WAS FRESH – I know there are some tough things that I’m praying through. What are my real v. aspirational values? My behavior shows what I really value… I’m not sure I’m thrilled about that. It was a great corrective to a kind of goal-obsessed spirituality that we superimpose on what’s actually in the scripture.

_DSF0472 copy_DSF0477 copy

•    THE INTERSECTING HISTORY OF ED & MARKO – we’ve been doing little interviews with the speakers this July to introduce or reacquaint the speakers to Journey. Makro really isn’t a “guest speaker” but we thought it would be fun to fill in some of the gaps of the story of dude’s life & to share some of the intersection of our (mine & Mark’s). He is kind of how I ended up at Journey. So blame or credit him.

_DSF0442 copy_DSF0435 copy

•    BABY DEDICAION – This is always a cool time at our church. One of the best things about being involved in a church, in a faith community, is how many MORE “Kairos” moments you are treated to. {Kairos: the New Testament employs more than one word for “time”. One is chronos – idea being the linier passing of time. The other is “kairos” meaning something like, moment, opportunity, time pregnant with meaning. See for example of Ephesians 5:16 for a classic & vivid usage – check out several translations} How cool is it for people to feel they want to share a moment this deep with a whole room full of people. There are times when I’m on the stage in which I can really feel love flowing from the crowd. That was one of them yesterday.

_DSF0397 copy

_DSF0410 copy

•    WOW WORSHIP – I love when I’m almost floored by the power of a song. That happened several times this weekend.  _DSF0427 copy
•    LEADERSHIP SUMMIT IS ON THE CLOCK – I am stoked about this opportunity for us to learn, grow & be around some great leaders. I’m working like crazy to be as done with the message for next weekend as possible by Thursday so I can engage with a little less distraction.
•    SETH RINGS in SD – A long time friend & former kid in my youth group in Omaha was out this weekend. We had a great time & even got him out in the water on Saturday. The waves were pretty mellow so he came out in one piece & with a little stoke just being in the Pacific (come on, guy lives in Ohio).

Next weekend we begin a series entitled simply, “PRAYER”. If you missed the incredible promo video click here.



  1. ditto on the amazing weekend, dude! big ups to you, Linda, Marko, Jeanieo, and respective fams for taking care of this midwesterner. y’all so rock! Lots to process from all our times together. Oh and I was so geeked up for both times of surfing. Beach. Sun. surf board. Hang time. Not drowning. Staying in one piece. It was all good! thanks for the love, my friend. it was a God thing for this soul.

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