Posted by: Ed | July 23, 2009

SUMMER FUN CAMP! Thy Kingdom Come… in our KIDS!

It’s totally a Journey thing! Summer Fun Camp! Not only is it a great value, but also it’s a great opportunity to reach into the part of your world where your kids live – little league, soccer, neighborhood. The kids will have a great time. I mean really great. But they will also learn some great stuff. Have you ever wondered what teaching like we have in the services would look like for children? Well this is it! So like on our weekends, it will be accessible and helpful to every child that comes.

Click here for the part of our website that gives you the facts. You can call the church office to sign them up.

One great bonus: one of the sharpest, coolest, cutest people I know is running point on SFC. Yes, that’s right my daughter Bethany had a vision for this camp. Her & Chris are guaranteeing a great week for our kids.



  1. Our son Mitchell is going and looking forward to it so much. He even invited 2 friends! Prayers and blessings for Bethany and Chris

  2. My son is starting camp on Monday. I hope he will
    make a lot of friends and draw closer to the Lord.
    How do I go about asking Ed questions concerning the weekly message?
    I did not see a place in the blog.
    Thanks Cynthia

  3. Hello Cynthia,

    You can post a question here on the reply or email me or facebook me.


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