Posted by: Ed | July 14, 2009


This was an all over the board, almost schizophrenic kind of weekend for me.

DON EVERTS – Our July at Journey series featured our friend Don Everts.  DSC_9234DSC_9238 Click here for an Amazon page with Don’s books. Don brought an amazing message on Matt 5 called, “Designed To Leak”. If you didn’t get to hear it, you definitely need to download the podcast. The WORSHIP was unbelievable! There is a song we are doing called, Revelation Song that wrecks me. DSC_9156

A MOVING MEMORIAL SERVICE – On Saturday, I attended a memorial service for Robert Heidrich. IMG_0487 He was 54 and died of ALS. He had been coming to Journey for a few years because Chris Raider helped lead him to Christ. There were some amazing moments!
* Robert had asked Steve Clark, a friend from his small group, to make sure that it was said, that he was glad that he got ALS. Yes, you read that right. He was glad because it made him open to receiving Christ. He charged Steve, “make sure you get up at my service & tell people that I am glad.” IMG_0483
* Chris, who did a stellar job leading & speaking at the service, put a video together of the kids saying goodbye to their dad. In the process he turned the camera on Robert’s wife who said: “it was an honor to live out the full meaning of love & devotion to you. Robert. I am thankful for the opportunity over the last couple of years to show you the depth of my love & dedication to you.” O.k. I’ll be honest. I was wrecked. I can’t help thinking that this little video should be mandatory premarital counseling material.
Please pray for Mirella, his lovely wife, and his kids Mateo, Daniela & Serena.

DINNER WITH JULIO & FAM – after I got out of the water on Saturday morning I had a voicemail from a dear friend from El Salvador, Julio Contreras. He is the pastor of a fantastic church in San Salvador, Vida Nueva, that I have worked with more times than I can remember.  He & Pati and the kids were on trip to California to see the sights. We had dinner Saturday night & of course ran out of time to talk. We’ve had so many great conversations about life, theology, church, leadership, culture. What a treat to be with a wonderful man of God & a great leader. You can check out his blog here. He’s a brilliant guy.

WEDDING IN MEXICO – I was invited to do a wedding at a beautiful spot in Baja Mexico called Las Rocas – click here to be jealous. IMG_0494 There were about 65 people that made the trip. There was lots of grace there! Cosmo’s 3 daughters are just adorable & Linda & I had a great time. It was a perfect afternoon in a spot that ranks among the most beautiful you’ve ever seen. IMG_0505IMG_0499 The party afterward was a blast. Sometime around 2:00 a.m. I woke up feeling a little queasy & then spent the rest of the night throwing up. The worst thing of course is that a bunch of us were going surfing the next morning at a point break just south of K-38. I tried to rally but couldn’t. I was still feeling the effects of whatever I had. The hour and a half in the boarder line was fun feeling like that too. It didn’t take away from our great time down there though. Linda & I decided we are going to find a way back down there this summer! If for no other reason than to see the giant Jesus that overlooks the place. IMG_0516 I love Latin America!



  1. Ed,
    I really enjoy your posts.


  2. I was going to tease you and say that is what you get for drinking too much tequila but that isn’t very nice. So I’ll sympathize with you by sharing that the one and only time I’ve ever had food poisoning I threw up all over the car while driving a friend home from the airport. We had to pull over and get out his suitcase so that I could change into a clean t-shirt. (He had to take over the driving from there; I can just imagine you and Linda sitting at the border. Been there my friend).

    I hope you and Linda do get to go back this summer as you guys haven’t had too many non-working trips. If I were you, I’d be exhausted by now.

    Love the super-size Jesus!

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