Posted by: Ed | June 2, 2009


Yes, this is Rod, Jason & I busting a move.  Dan Stevers is a very funny man.



  1. haha nice!

  2. My Brother in law is amazingly hilarious!!!! You guys are getting more and more comfortable in front of the camera!

  3. Sweet! It’s great to see that you guys are finally coming out of your shells!

  4. Hi Ed,
    I don’t know how to get a hold of you so I’m using this venue. Awhile back you made a comment about women needing to use so many more words a day than men…. Well, I have bronchitis and my husband keeps reminding me that I can “catch up” when my voice is back. A friend sent me this e-mail today and I think it might confirm your comment! The link is…. I hope you have a chance to check this out and I hope the link works.

  5. It looks like the link’s not working… do you have an e-mail you share to forward it to you… sooo worth it.

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