Posted by: Ed | May 12, 2009

“ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE” & the weekend that was

This weekend was PACKED. I’m going to do my best to keep this post to a manageable length.
Let me start with some thoughts about the Weekend Services & then I’ll share a few personal updates about the fam & me.HEY JUDE – Part 2
•    ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE – Hopefully you are not missing the Beatles references AND I’m hopeful that you are not losing the message of the book of Jude in the midst of all the fun we are having. Jude is really writing about love & community but he has to deal with what I called the “turd in the pool” (crass, I’m sorry… kind of) of the creepers who are trying to turn the grace of God into something it’s not. I am loving this series & kind of wish that it was longer. But this week’s message had a high degree of difficulty. See having a fun theme & staying true to the text is enough of a challenge, but I also had to factor in Mother’s Day (a beautiful mine field for churches – let me know if you want me to elaborate) and all those families of babies – ayeaya! It was a blast though & God came to my aid.
•    MUSIC – we were really slim on worship music this weekend, but our band made the most of it. Then they did that classic Beatle’s song All You Need Is Love. Classic! Complete with a horn section. Much fun.


•    MUCHAS BABIES – I always end up loving our weekend baby dedications more than I think. They are a great way to serve these young families. DSC_5136DSC_5142DSC_5140DSC_5136

We need milestones that give meaning to the mundane. It’s also great when a church prays. Prayer in church, done right is seeker sensitive (we are unashamedly a “seeker” church even though that may not mean what some think). DSC_5209

People EXPECT to pray when they get to church. I think a felt need that people have is to learn to pray. So when the whole church sees prayer valued, modeled & then we all pray, the Kingdom of God is on display.
•    ED’S A POSER – I try not to be too sentimental. Most of you would have no trouble placing me on the cynic / sentiment scale. But there are always a couple of moments in services like this where I choke up. One tiny little guy up there with only his mom let me hold him while we prayed & he just buried his head in my chest.


I had to consciously say, “Hold it together Ed”. It was such a marvelous kingdom picture.

•    OC BOUND – I drove up to Garden Grove (did you know there is a Sublime song about my home town – it’s a nasty song, but at least we have a song) to take my mom to lunch for mother’s day. She picked this authentic Mexican place where you get huge food for small cash. I love you mom!

Mom & Ken photo

•    DAVID’S PROM – I rushed home so I could help David put on a tux & tell him what the various buttons in the plastic bags were for. Then we met at his date’s house to take pictures (thanks Suzie). David went with (stay with me here) Bethany’s boyfriend’s sister who was home from Azusa Pacific U. Then we went to dinner with her parents. Good times!

DSC_0004DSC_0036David,L, MeDSC_0024DSC_0030

•    MOTHER’S DAY – my wife wanted to have her favorite pizza (lots of veggies) and have me not sitting in front of the TV watching the Lakers. Which tuned out to be mercy from God as they STUNK it up Sunday. After we chilled a while we went to do one of her favorite things & walked along Sunset Cliffs & tried to watch the sunset.

Girls at Cliffs photo

The marine layer was moving in so, not much sunset, but there was good looking swell, that made me anxious to get in the water on Monday.
•    FINALLY WET! I was able to get out for a ridiculously fun surf session today – warm weather, silky warm water, 2-3 foot waves, very few people, all of which knew how to surf. So fun!



  1. are you serious! the one time i dont go to the oc and uncle ken comes to lunch! no fair!

  2. I’m a little dizzy simply reading about all you packed into one day but the family photos are great!

    Just a word on the baby dedication. As a viewer, it was also really moving. Our culture is so saturated with baby showers that have turned the arrival of a baby into yet another materialistic extravaganza, it was wonderful to see a community simply praying for the new lives of children. Oddly, it reminded me of “A Sleeping Beauty” where I always loved that the three good fairies offered special prayers and wishes for the princess Aurora. It was really touching to reflect on all these families being bathed with prayers, support and God’s love.

  3. God is incredible. We spend our time planning and strategizing our lives and our moments with God around some semi-finite opportunities for spiritual magic. Only to find real joy and a real feel for His presence in the moments of the unscripted, when we get awaken by the simplicity of His callings to us. I was at the 10:45 service with the baby dedication that Ed spoke of; and nothing that happened that morning could have presented a better mirror for our lives then that small boy coming to Ed and burying his head in Ed’s chest in trust. There were hundreds of people in that room, music and applause, bright lights, and distractions of all kinds, but the child rested unaware as the arms of protection and love enveloped him. I think this is what is meant by “come to me as a child”…when life is it’s most chaotic, when things seem to be spinning out of control in your head, we all should be able to burying heads in the love of Christ and wait for our next spiritual feeding.

  4. There is still time to register and attend. This conference is free and open to all.

    Fresh Encounter 2009
    Henry & Richard Blackaby
    May 15-16, 2009

    At Horizon Christian Fellowship

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