Posted by: Ed | May 8, 2009

FAVORED… and VERY HUMBLED – High School Prayer night

Last night I slipped into a worship and prayer gathering for High School students that east county (of San Diego) youth pastors put together in conjunction with the National Day of Prayer. Brian Berry has a great post on his blog. Click here. I wasn’t there because I jones-ing for high school ministry – that happens every now & again, but not last night. I was there because Journey’s High School worship band was leading the worship and David, is in the band.


It was surreal & wonderful to be led into some deep moments of worship and then think – “hey, that’s my kid, the one who wore long underwear with tighty-whitey’s and a towel to look like bat man.” Honestly though, that wasn’t the major thought or emotion. My line of thought went more like this: “that’s my kid. He loves God. He is singing stuff that he means that is expressing his desire to lay down his life at the foot of the cross of HIS Lord, Jesus the Messiah, Savior of the World. He’s a gifted musician. He sings well. People are responding to his leadership. He seems to be deflecting all glory to Jesus. He seems quite himself up there.” These are all short simple sentences, but they are more than I can take in right now.

Linda is still blown away. She cried as we talked about it at dinner tonight – of course David wasn’t there.

Here are some additional pics.





  1. I so understand and share your feelings. Thanks for posting the pictures-they made me cry too-tears of joy and wonder. To know that-in spite of our mistakes and the pull of the world, our children have caught a glimpse of the Jesus we love so passionately and have found Him lovely-this is a joy almost unspeakable. “It is the Lord’s doing; and it is marvelous in our eyes.”

  2. Both April and Ed
    I pray my kids grow up to be like yours!!! You did something Very right…so I want to be like You when i grow up!!!!

  3. It is truly a “God did this” thing.

  4. Ed, I didn’t know you had a blog! I saw the link from Linda’s status update on facebook. Great to see what’s going on in your family. I can’t believe how old David is, and it’s rad how he’s leading worship.

    Hope you guys are doing well,
    Tim Balint

  5. Tim,
    Hope you are doing well also. Time does fly doesn’t it! Well it’s not like God didn’t give us a heads up.

    Hope you guys are well. How’s your parents? Sis?


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