Posted by: Ed | April 29, 2009


We had a great weekend at Journey. It was a little different for me. It has been a while since I have been at home & not doing the message.
JASON DID A GREAT JOB CLOSING THE SERIES – I loved what he did with the idea of taking your experience of God to the next level. Romans 12:1 is such a great passage on surrender & that is a place that a lot of us in our culture don’t seem to get. Jason’s interview with Mick of Wilson Creek Winery was epic.


Jason via Marko took a cheap shot showing a pic of me circa 1986

KENDELL PAYNE WAS COOL – What a cool privilege to have her at Journey. She also served all over the place playing in High School & Middle school in between performing in the services. Personally my favorite was “That’s Why There’s Grace”


STUDENT MINISTRIES AT JOURNEY – I popped into our Middle School & High School and was able to hear our worship bands in each of these ministries. I was blown away by both the quality & anointing on the worship.



  1. Maybe I was hormonal, but Kendell Payne’s music had me in tears. Word has it, I wasn’t the only one. She sang and spoke with such heart and her lyrics were beautiful. Likewise, Jason’s sermon was both refreshing and thoughtful. I loved the video from the vineyard, as well as the slides!

  2. don’t give yourself that much of a break, ed — that pic was NOT from 1986. more like 1990.

  3. FYI: Under the “possibly related posts” of your blog…”the woman stripper piece ” from some bazarre website called Asylum..was a joke? or what? I had to go there to see…hmmm. Maybe WordPress should reconsider “possible links”.

    Loved the “vine” interview! Love Jason’s passion.

  4. Marko,
    Yes, I was looking good in 90 too.


  5. When you get to be my age, four years will seem like nothing (and I still consider myself young at 62). The RFKC art auction on Saturday evening was very neat. Amy Hoyt and Mark Long deserve kudos for the event! Please endorse RFKC when you can! Did you know that 40% of foster kids are homeless within 6 months of their 18th birthday? Check out the T shirts!


  6. Ed and Marko,

    No props for the guy who gave the world that amazing picture?! C’mon! Where’s the love for a friend? That “stache” picture will always make me laugh…great blindside, Marko!

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