Posted by: Ed | April 17, 2009

SELAH – I hope you are there this Sunday Night

This Sunday night we resume a monthly meeting / event / service / dealio called “SELAH”.  [Sunday 6:00 – 7:30 Worship Center]

It’s from a kind of enigmatic Hebrew term in the Psalms that seems to have meant something like “pause” or “now’s time for the guitar solo”. We grabbed the name for a monthly worship / prayer / let God more directly direct meeting.

There are a few convictions & promptings that went into Selah as a night.

We as a Church have as one of our 1st callings that of worship. Ascribe to the Lord the glory due His name. (Psalm 29:2 & about 5 other places with the exact same phrase ) honestly in our services there never seems to be enough time to linger long in worship & praise, to sing a song till we really are done with that, to enjoy the company of each other & to be moved by the sight & sound of other people who are a walking story of the grace of God.

Another idea is that it’s good to have times in which the agenda is minimal & the Holy Spirit can lead. I love planning. Our services reflect a lot of people’s hard & creative work in planning. And YES the Holy Spirit can lead on Tuesday as much as He can on Sunday. But there is also something to be said for entering the presence of the Lord without anyone knowing exactly where it’s going.

Here’s a novel idea: we need to pray more. Really, yes we right here in the USA probably need to pray more. That was the conviction that led me to morph what started out as “worship night” into a worship & prayer night viz Selah. At Selah we pray. We pray for sicknesses, for breakthroughs, for temptations, for the glory of God. I read two books before we morphed Worship Night into Selah. Fresh Wind Fresh Fire by Jim Cymbala & Fresh Encounters by Daniel Henderson. . I came away with the conviction that we need at least one regular meeting in which we pray more than we talk or teach or program.

Finally we need a selah, a pause. I don’t think I’ve ever gone to a Selah in which I haven’t felt refreshed from the presence of God.

I need all of this. We need all of this. I hope you take a chance & show up at Selah this weekend.



  1. Fresh Wind…changed my life!

  2. The Kingdom of God is about Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit. I enjoyed the Kingdom of God throughout this service of the Holy Spirit and his followers of Love. There was Peace there was Joy and there was the Holy Spirit’s ministry. I have never experienced so much of the Holy Spirit’s ministry with any large group of people as much as I have at Journey. Joy and Peace and much Love. May the services continue to be creative and new to those who need to reset their day to Know the Love of God and continue to remind us how special God has been making Journey a home where Love and Forgiveness is noticed by all that walk in there.

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