Posted by: Ed | April 15, 2009


Wow, what a weekend! You know how overused I think the word, “amazing” is. This weekend was AMAZING!

GOOD FRIDAY – The weekend started with the 2 Good Friday services. They were moving & worshipful & packed with people.

•    The Worship was so moving.
•    I loved the scripture reading – the back & forth between some of the Old Testament passages with the narrative from Mark 15 was powerful.


•    Minaret King did this killer song about the outrageous grace of Jesus
•    The Highlight of the service was the taking of COMMUNION and the NAILING OF OUR “STUFF” TO THE CROSSES.



Bob Nelson made the crosses & said he was getting emotional just putting them together. I knew it would be profound experience, but wow!!! As Chris Raider described it today, the dissonant sound of a worship song & nails being pounded into the 4×6 beams of wood was disturbing & beautiful.


We had 3 services. I knew we were going to be packed when the early one, the 8:00 was comfortably full. We were setting up chairs all over the place for the other 2 services. There are so many things I could say & to be honest, I’m still processing the weekend. Here are a few highlights & reflections:
•    COOL STUFF RIGHT AWAY – Bryce Turner stared 2 minutes before the service started with a cool, bluesy version of Resurrect Me! I loved the bucket & can percussion with the slide guitar & the violin.



•    WORSHIP WITH THE CHOIR KNOCKED ME ON MY CAN – it was so powerful & there was a wonderful balance of depth & accessibility for the new person. The worship leaders brought it.



•    OUR TECH PEOPLE ARE SICK (in the good sense) – They take things to the next level. The camera shots, the sound… then there are OUR CREATIVE TYPES – the videos that Dan puts together blow me away, the 5 paintings that were done just for the weekend.
•    TEAM WORK IS COOL – One of the best things about having the view that I have is seeing a great weekend like this come together, seeing all the guests reached, watching the impact & KNOWING HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE INVOLVED & SACRIFICING to make it all happen.
•    MAGNIFICENT – I loved the U2 song, Magnificent. Our guys totally nailed this song.

•    CALIENTE INVITE TEMP – I want to thank you at Journey for really getting this. I met so many guests. I met tons of “wall people” (if you don’t go to Journey that won’t make sense unless you consult some older posts from February). dsc_3120dsc_3104 It’s very moving to think about all the risks you take in reaching out to people. I take them too & I know that it sometimes is scary & sometimes easy. But you rock!

Easter weekend always seems to bring out the best in Journey. There are so many things I could say & to be honest, I’m still processing the weekend.



  1. at rock harbor’s good friday service we nailed stuff too–it was so powerful to hear the pounding of the hammers while singing songs about Jesus’ blood. i’m glad to hear your weekend was “amazing!”

  2. I found the Friday night service particularly moving. On Friday and all during Holy Week, I began to feel myself absolved of patterns and events that have enslaved me for years. There are no words for this but I’m particularly grateful to the JCC community.

  3. Our family had a ‘wall person’ come Easter. My oldest wrote Grandma on the wall in Feb. It was very moving for me to see her and my Dad come and really get into the worship set. Mom also loved the Football season to “dancing with the stars” thing. She told me” Pastor Ed is so down to earth and enjoyable to listen to.” She comes to church on the biggies. I think we will see more of her.

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