Posted by: Ed | April 11, 2009


This has been a great Holy Week for a lot of us. We’ve been journaling together, musing on some of the same scripture passage, praying some of the same prayers & reliving the Passion Week together.

AND NOW, EASTER! A lot of us are pretty geeked up, including me. Tomorrow is going to be a great experience for us, but it’s also going to be one of those weekends in which there will be tons of people that don’t normally go to church at churches all over the world, including Journey.

I know we are going to have a great Easter, but if we want to enter into the full meaning it’s got to be about more than just about our experience.  It needs to be a “GIVE” – a chance for us to HOST what we often call “seekers” – people who haven’t really connected with God. Journey is all about this every week. We try to make things accessible to people who are new to God, new to church, new to the anything “Christian”. Two times a year there seems to be an increased openness  (you already know what they are): CHRISTMAS & EASTER. This is a stewardship, a trust, an opportunity that God asks us to use well.

Here are some things we can all do to do this:
•    Pray like a mad dog – We’ve had a day of prayer & fasting this week. Lots of people have gather to pray, prayed over every aspect of the services. But it’s not too late! Pray when you read this, pray as you drive over, pray for people who you see, pray for the musicians, for all those on stage – pray for ME!
•    Park a long way from the doors – Let’s leave our spaces for those who are new & who have no idea how crowded it will be.
•    Be Early, especially if you have kids – again new people don’t know that it might take some time to check their kids in.
•    Last minute invites – I’m sending an email tonight trying to get another invite to a couple of friends from Starbucks & the gym. It’s not too late.
•    8 is GREAT – if it’s all the same to you, come at 8:00. This will probably be the least crowded service (I could be wrong) some come at 8:00.
•    Be nice – You always are, but really go out of your way to be friendly & say “hello” to people.

Easter at Journey is going to be great! I’ll see you



  1. Ed,
    Good Friday service was so amazing and beautiful.
    I have never attended a Good Friday service before. I was overwhelmed with grattitude to Yaweh. Crushed for MY iniquities…and by HIS wounds I am healed. I want to be healed…

  2. it’s easter morning here in paris (still 11:30pm there, saturday night, in SD), and i’m praying you’ll have an amazing day there “tomorrow” eduardo.

  3. This weekend was amazing! Especially Sunday (duh). From the choir’s perspective, it was very obvious that the Lord was present. The room swelled, my heart soared, and I teared up a few times.

    On a not as Magnificent note though, this afternoon I checked my Batman news site (as I often do) and was troubled to see a random clickey-ad for a newish movie called something like “The God that Never Was”, some documentary with evidence that Jesus supposedly never even existed! Ayuh.
    With all of the wonderfully informative historical, geographical, and linguistic references in your sermons, it seems a ridiculous stretch that someone could make the claim that Jesus did not even exist.
    Have you heard of this?

  4. Manny and I were literally awestruck this weekend! We have been praying for many of my family members to come to church with us. We even wrote their names on the wall! Between Good Friday and Easter services, every single one of those folks showed up for one or both services! And these are people who haven’t been to “church” in as many as 30 years. Wow…God is so cool. Thanks for the poignant message. I can’t begin to tell you how many chords that struck amongst our group.

  5. easter was great at jcc. friday was my sons first communion he was full of questions my family came suday and enjoyed the service God is really working with my family thank for all of your messages

  6. Easter Sunday – Off the Hook

    The worship has set the tone for my whole week. I feel empowered and the presence of the Lord is so tangible.

    Thank you worship team for being our ‘Levites’ and bringing your talents and gifts from God to us. Your efforts do not go unnoticed and more importantly prepare the way of the Lord to our hearts.


  7. Michael,
    No I haven’t heard of this, but it seems like a pretty far fetched contention. Even the most skeptical of scholars don’t try to pull this.

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