Posted by: Ed | April 1, 2009


My day is out of control busy, but I rearraged somethings to try & catch this Prayer Wave thing. I walked my neighborhood this morning praying (also looking for Bob, our missing cat). Here are a few things that came up:

– I noticed how many houses were for sale, the majority were some kind of distressed situation – bank owned. It made me sad

– I felt led to pray that the Christ-followers who were somewhere in each of the peoples’ relational web would step it up a little (this included me)

– About 3/4 of the way through my hood, I noticed how much the houses all look like little fortresses. I began to pray that the Spirit of God would penetrate those citidels. I began to ask God to break the isolation that we tend to live in & to tear through the insulation we put up between us & him. When I got back. I picked up the Bible & started in on my reading for the day as laid out in my BIBLE READING PLAN (you are so missing out if you don’t do something like this). Voila! I was in Joshua 6 – you guessed it, the Jericho story – walking around with God & seeing walls crumble. Cool. A few thoughts from Jericho:

“See I have given Jericho into your hand” – sure didn’t look like it. There is such a think as “faith eyes”

“you shall do so for 6 days… on the 7th day… there shall be 7 priests…” Seven is the number of completeness in the Bible. This is bottom shelf meaning, not kooky numerology. Faith looks like not leaving it short. May our pray temp spike. YES! But may it leave a higher “NORMAL” prayer temp. Honestly, this is one of the most encouraging things I am seeing at Journey. This really is happening.

Happy Prayer Wave Day!

How was YOUR prayer wave day?



  1. Prayer Walked my “crib” this a.m….got a cool renewed vision as well—some “faith eyes”— that God is waiting for us all to claim our “Jerichos” for Him…So it was a faith builder AND a faith challenger. Another building block in upping my “prayer temp”… Glad to be part of this city-wide wave.

  2. I find the experience of prayer a really hard thing to put into words. Each day it is so different; sometimes filled with consolation – other times desolation. For me, sometimes I experience God as light, heat, thought, Word. Or visceral like the sight of a flower or the feel of my cat on my lap when focusing on God. Today prayer didn’t come easy, which disappointed me since I knew so many people were praying. I thought I’d feel this special voltage or something like that old cartoon- “wonder twins activate…” But I plowed through anyway and felt God with me throughout the different times I prayed. Plus, the neighborhood was filled with glorious Spring flowers. San Diego really is remarkable and I felt gratitude for the beauty.

    As for houses as fortresses…being a pastor you probably don’t watch shows like Showtime’s “Weeds” (and I’ve missed many seasons) but the opening sequence highlights all these track homes in a wealthy subdivision while the music sounds, “Little boxes, little boxes…” It’s very funny but ultimately sad in what it communicates. Your comment reminded me of that.

  3. Here’s a report from one of the peeps at Journey who responded to the Prayer Wave and email.

    Hello Steven,

    I walked around my apartment complex and surrounding neighborhood. I live just off of Avocado and the 94, right behind the Vons shopping center. I prayed that God would bring conviction to the believers and knowledge to the unbelievers. I prayed that the Holy Spirit would just come and touch everyone in the area and draw everyone closer to Him. I prayed for forgiveness for all of us, and prayed for a couple of unbelieving buddies of mine. God has really laid two guys I work with on my heart and I’ve invited one to Easter and asking the other one today. Please pray that they will be open to that.

    I finished my walk around praising God as I felt the Holy Spirit come. It was amazing! I praise God for His work in my life, and for His work in my community. And I pray that His will be done, not mine!

    God Bless you!

  4. A good report from an intercessor at Journey Community Church

    I was at work so I consecrated my lunch hour to Lord and prayer walked the business area of Mira Mesa off the 805. I prayed for Cardinal Health who just laid off 150 employees right across the street from my workplace (State Compensation Insurance Fund). One of those employees was a member of our church. I prayed that these places of business. I asked the Lord for His Presence to fill the atmosphere, making it conducive for God to speak and work in the lives of all who are employed. I prayed for these businesses to value intergrity and uphold a standard of godliness in their business dealings. I asked Him to strengthen these workers against any temptation to compromise and that they would walk in ways that honor God with their finances.

    I also attended the Wednesday night corporate prayer gathering and we prayer walked the campus at Journey. We prayed for a fresh outpouring of God’s Spirit and that God would prepare us for the next move of His Spirit. To wash away any sin and prepare us for the Holy Spirit to come in a fresh new way. We prayer walked the campus by twos and then convened in a group a certain places to pray for our leaders, repentance and God’s Presence and Power to be made manifest. We prayed for people by name that we know do not know the Lord. We experienced His anointing and pleasure as met this challenge with obedience and heart felt longing for God to habitate all we do at Journey. It was exciting and powerful…

    We prayed for a deep and lasting harmony between our churches in San Diego. That God would touch each heart and church in specific and unique way to their expression and purpose within the Body Of Christ so that God will be glorified. May we all work together for the greater good of the gospel and see what happens when the prayers of the saints are answered and a city, our city, is touched by the mercy and compassion of our God through the local bodies in San Diego. I prayed for the very real and tangible presence of God to invade all the people of the county with a supernatural life-changing encounter with God.

    Now we look to God and trust He heard our prayers for revival and awakening in our communities. With expectation to see what God will do in response to this united effort to pray and seek His face and Heart for our comnmunities and church.

    May God be glorified and lifted up drawing men and women to Himself during this season of repentance and revival. I asked God for a “NOW” word for us and this is what God said to me.

    God gave me the scripture from Romans 9:14-16; 9:22-23. IN this scripture God states that He will have mercy on whom he will have mercy and He will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. It does not depend on man’s effort or desire but on God’s Mercy. He uses times like these “to make known the riches of His glory” may we all experience the riches of his glory in the days and seasons ahead.

    Applauding His Glory,
    Steven Johnson
    Journey Prayer Ministries

    More to follow once all the reports and testimonies come in over the next week or so.

  5. I was digging Steven’s responses. I went out in my neighborhood as well. I live a block away from La Mesa Middle School. I prayed that God would watch over and protect the people that live there since sometimes it can be a little shady over here. About 5 hours later, a helicopter descended on the neighborhood chasing after someone. So who knows?

  6. On April 1, 6 churches and ministries prayed across San Diego County from Vista to Clairemont to El Cajon. One church held a prayer and praise service – interspersing prayer with worship. One intercessor prayerwalked the area around his office, asking God’s presence to fill the atmosphere. One church’s prayer group prayed for a fresh outpouring of God’s Spirit as they prayerwalked the church campus. (These last two were reports submitted by Steven Johnson, intercessor at Journey)

    God is worthy of praise! E-mail me to share praise reports of His activity during “Prayer Wave” 2009. God will be glorified and we will rejoice!

    Prayer Focus:

    1. Pray for God to meet each church during their day of prayer and raise the level of revival and the sense of His presence in our region. As you are available, attend a local church prayer service in your area.

    2. Revival Scripture of the week: “But he who takes refuge in Me will inherit the land And will possess My holy mountain.” And it will be said, “Build up, build up, prepare the way, Remove every obstacle out of the way of My people.” For thus says the high and exalted One Who lives forever, whose name is Holy, “I dwell on a high and holy place, And also with the contrite and lowly of spirit In order to revive the spirit of the lowly And to revive the heart of the contrite.” Isaiah 57:13b-15

    Our prayers are preparing the way for revival. Ask the Lord to remove every obstacle out of the way of His people returning to Him. Pray for God to grant a spirit of humility to His people and a contrite heart – a heart that “weeps over wrongdoing and expresses genuine sorrow for sin” – so that God will dwell with us.

    3. Prayer Focus: For churches in our region: “Pray for God to fill His people with a passion to see people saved.”

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