Posted by: Ed | April 1, 2009


If you go to Journey (even if you don’t I guess) I hope that you take part in the SAN DIEGO PRAYER WAVE tomorrow! The idea is for we the body of Christ in SD to raise the prayer level IN and FOR our community as we head into Easter. Different churches are taking different days and we got tomorrow. Why JCC got April fools day is anyone’s guess: mere chance, God’s sense of humor, Providence! Je ne sais pas!

The idea is that on our day we take a few minutes to pray for our community. The ideal is that we all take a few more minutes & do a prayer walk around our neighborhood or workplace or school or whatever. As you walk, invite God’s redeeming presence & pray for anyone you know. If you don’t know what else to pray, maybe even if you think you do, you can always pray parts of the Lord’s Prayer over a place.

I’d love to have you comment on your experience.

Hope you are a part of the wave!



  1. I have been going through a study of the book of Daniel recently and as I was re-reading Daniel’s prayer in chapter 9 I was moved by the similarity of the situation before the Jewish people in his day and the situations before us today. Our family is going to pray a modified version of that prayer around our block this afternoon, interjecting San Diego and the United States for Jerusalem where appropriate. In view of the current situations in this country and in this city, it would seem appropriate to ask for forgiveness for our collective sins and to do so in the “frequent and fervent” manner as represented by Daniel.

  2. thanks for the reminder to take part in this prayer wave! i was overwhelmed at the reality of those who are lost and the amount of pain that surrounds us in our own neighborhoods. But in the same overwhelmed by the Hugeness of God, and the unfathomable depths of His love!

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