Posted by: Ed | March 31, 2009

An Atheist Who Gets It

Steve Moltmuyr, the lead pastor of Brookside Chruch in Omaha turned me on to this post from Penn (Penn & Teller). I almost used it in the service this weekend.

This guy gets it. More than most of US. “How much do you have to hate someone to not try & convert them?” WOW!

It’s 5 minutes & TOTALLY worth it.



  1. Nothing like an atheist giving us a hearty kick in the gut (or choose your own body part) to get out their and share the good news. If we believe it, if we truly believe it, do we have an option?!?! Great video!

  2. Boy, Penn sure takes awhile to get to the point, doesn’t he? ;) I do agree with his point- if you claim to believe, you must share what you believe. There is nothing more frustrating than someone who preaches one belief when it is safe (ie: talking with like minded people) but won’t when the stakes are high.

  3. Penn was OBVIOUSLY touched by this man…. I think as an extension of Jesus himself!

  4. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if we could somehow prevent organized religion from being the barrier between a lost world and a life with God through Jesus Christ?
    I really have issue with Penn as a person who presents his views in the absolute…as if there could be no other possibility other then his conclusions. And to be honest with you part of what he said in that interview makes me wonder about the sincerity of it. Penn, both in his live performances, and on his HBO shows, have one of the foulest mouths of any entertainer I have ever heard. Early in the recording he mentions that the believer complimented him on his language…really? With God all things are possible…I guess my prayer would be for Penn’s life to get so twisted around itself that he eventually reaches out and dials one of those 5 phone numbers.

  5. dang, he hit that nail right on the head. Even if people are not going to listen, it is still worth a try…

  6. If this is so true, and so many Christians are in agreement with this sentiment, then why didn’t a single person (Brooksider or otherwise) continue the dialogue with Nate and I when we left the faith? Every single person who was willing to enter into a discussion with us faded away an email or two into the dialogue and we never heard back from them. Unfortunately, those expressing opinions like the one above, wishing our lives would become “twisted” and miserable, have only increased. It is ironic that a Brookside pastor would draw attention to this video at such a… “significant” time.

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