Posted by: Ed | March 20, 2009

WHIRLWIND WEEK … and it’s not over yet!

Right now I’m on a packed flight in which everyone seems to be coughing or sneezing.


I’m returning from speaking for a couple of days for my friends at Brookside church in Omaha. It was a thing Jeff Dart ended up calling “RE-RETREAT”.

America’s next top models!


You may recall that I spoke for their fall retreat last November & God showed up in a powerful way.  One of the highlights is seeing the kids that came to the retreat not in relationship with God & are now followers of Christ & part of this community of Students.

I spoke to the students on Wednesday & Thursday night & to their church staff on Thursday afternoon. In between I worked on this weekends message for Journey & met with people & did some Q & A.

Some of the kids on Thursday night


The situation that originally got us talking about me coming out & the fact that I was just out there a few months ago caused me to seek God a little more than normal for exactly what I was supposed to speak on.  As it turned out, I wrote 2 new talks – I knew the ones I brought weren’t the right ones. I was telling Todd Tolson on my way out of the office on Tuesday, “It will be fun to see how God is going to come through.” I knew there was just too much in front of me this week. So far, I think God has totally come through.

Last night (Thursday) was especially cool


– I sensed God had a really specific Word for that group as I was speaking. After some more worship & some additional Q &A one of the kids prayed for me & pretty much repreached the message as he prayed… AWESOME!
So tonight, I’m speaking on the subject of “SUFFERING”, the 3rd installment of our dialogue series. Then leaving from Church & going to ski with David as part of his B-Day present. Ay Carumba!

I appreciate any prayers coming my way for extra JUICE!



  1. Orange or cranberry?
    Pam, Chris, Greg, and I are praying
    for more juice and safety for you and
    David. Have fun and keep your heads
    up! April

  2. Ed, Some of my happiest memories are of skiing with my parents. I hope you and David have a wonderful time.

    At the end of your sermon tonight, you mentioned God “restoring the years the locusts have eaten.” Thank you. I needed to hear that.

    In a poem on the grace in suffering, David Whyte writes: “The blade is so sharp – it cuts things together – not apart.” Related, I’m always stunned when I see a flower growing through a crack in the cement or when I’m reminded that pressure makes diamonds.

    Yes, healing is sacred and there is “grace in God’s logic” even when it’s hard to initially see or when dealing with suffering on massive, mind boggling scopes. It can smash us into “a million little pieces” and bring us to the brink of madness… And then miraculously, we can find ourselves “in the arms of an Angel, far away from here… pulled from the wreckage….”

    It is an Amazing Grace.

  3. Ed,

    Thanks again for coming to Omaha. We were so grateful! God used it!


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