Posted by: Ed | February 28, 2009


I’m in Brandon (outside of Jackson) Mississippi this weekend speaking at an event called DISCIPLE NOW. The host church is called Crossgates & the Student Ministries pastor is an old friend from Omah Days, Kipp Smith.

Here’s Kipp & his son Micah (Kipp’s on the right :-)


This is what it looks like in places from the front window of Kipp’s car.


It’s great to be here. I spoke to the parents last night & the event kicks off tonight.

I’m speaking Friday Night, Sat Morning, Sat Night & Sun Morning.

I’ll blog on the weekend later but for now, may I ask you to PRAY IT UP! PLEASE.

Ask God to stir in the hearts of these kids, to use me to bless this ministry, to encourage the staff & volunteers. Pray that kids step into or deeper into an authentic relationship with Christ. Pray that the Holy Spirit of God comes upon me. Pray for whatever else God lead you to pray!





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  2. Ed
    I’ll be praying that the Holy Spirit anoints your words to touch the hearts of our brothers in Christ.
    P.S. Pumphouse was 2-3 yesterday with some nice peeling lefts. Hope you catch some epic waves in MS :-)

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