Posted by: Ed | February 10, 2009

JOURNEY UP 2.0 – VISION & the weekend that was

We launched our 3-week concentrate series called JOURNEY UP 2.0 this last weekend.



It’s actually more than a series. It’s kind of a campaign or an initiative or technically speaking, it’s a “thing we do together.” For those of you that are not up to speed let me 4-1-1 you.

In January of 07 during a few days of fasting & prayer to begin the year, we got a call for the landlord who owned the shopping center we meet in. Previously they were quite clear that they would never sell the center, they wanted to keep the land in the family in perpetuity. Well not only had they changed their minds, but they had a buyer – a developer who was going to build condos, which of course is what the world needs most. They wanted to give us 1st shot at buying it. Not buying it would mean finding a new place to for us to meet. No small thing.

We prayed & it was clear we needed to go for it & try to buy it. Yikes! We needed $1.5 million by the summer & another chunk over the next 3 years.

So we launched this thing called JOURNEY UP. It was a 5-week series & lots of prayer & meetings & work & communication. It was crazy, but wonderful. The stories of people seeking God were so moving.

We’re half way through & it’s time to update it for the 2nd half. So this time it’s kind of like a mini version.

The tough thing for a church like ours is that we have lots of guests & seekers every weekend. We really don’t want to put the kybosh on the invite temp – it’s something we are always praying about. So we have to do this in a way that motivates & informs those of us who are committed to Journey & keeps the seekers seeking.

So off we went.

Here are my weekend highlights & thoughts.
•    THE MESSAGE ON VISION – I liked it much better as the weekend wore on. While I was in the desert, a guy that I haven’t even thought about from my High School years came to mind, Rory (listen the message for details). I began to think about him & get sad & even cry a little. I’m thinking, God where is this from? What is this? About Thursday it hit me…ahhh. This is an example of how critical vision is. A friend called me today & said how much he liked the service. His comment was, “when you told the story of that guy Rory, the place was so quiet; that’s when it made sense.” Well at least it makes sense somewhere.


•    J-UP 2.0 REVIEW – Mike took the 1st part of our message segment to lay out where we are at. It’s always tough when you are going to have 2 speaking segments. It’s tough to make them work well together & not overwhelm people with words. It got better every service.


•    JOE’S STORY – Joe Prosapio shared his story via video. It was very authentic, vulnerable & full of faith. I was inspired. It was cool for me because I remember talking with him and his wife & being there as they sought the Lord & then courageously followed Him where He led.
•    “NO SURF FOR YOU” – It’s been a cold rainy weekend so I didn’t get to surf. I’m pretty maxed out with J-Up anyway. There was a small window on Saturday morning. Someone told me Scripps Pier was firing. Alas…
•    BOOMERS – I went to see Boomers on Saturday night. One of the stars is a friend from church & I finally got to see it. Click here if you don’t know what I’m talking about. It was a blast & really moving at times. I have a friend in Omaha that I couldn’t help but think would love Boomers. BM if you are out there…


•    LAKERS KICKING SOME BUTT – So despite losing Andrew Bynum (I almost puked when I heard that he blew his knee out again) they go to Boston & beat the Celtics (sweeping that season series) and then put a stop to the LeBron’s home winning streak.
•    MY MOM IS MAD AT OBAMA – Good son that I am, I phoned my mom like I do every Monday. We talked Lakers 1st (great day to talk Lakers). Then she asks about the kids. Then she got to politics (btw – there is NO chance she’ll read this, she won’t even have a cell phone). She is ticked at our new president. Not over his pork-laden stimulus package, not over his abysmal decision to reverse the policy of not funding overseas abortions, not over the Guantanamo mess, not about the fact that he can’t seem to nominate appointees who pay their taxes… she is steaming mad that he has not delivered on his promise to get his kids a DOG when they go to the white house. I’m not joking! “He said they’d bring a dog to the Whitehouse, now he’s saying the spring so they will be learn to walk him regularly. That man’s a liar! ” Wow! I was biting my cheeks to not laugh, because she was fuming. I said something like, “well we still have to pray for him.”  I eventually got her off the subject.

Tomorrow night is our J-UP 2.0 RALLY. I think it will be fun. There’s something planned for it that I won’t divulge right now that is going to be EPIC! Don’t miss it. Tuesday, February 10 – dinner from 5:30- 6:30, then our band starts rocking the house. I hope to see all of you Journey types there.
For you non-SD people – please pray that the Holy Spirit lands on Journey Tomorrow night.



  1. Ed,

    The C.S. Lewis quote you shared from “Four Loves” has stuck with me since Friday. It then hit me again this evening when you mentioned the value of a broken heart. It reminds me of a proverb I once heard, “Oh break my heart, oh break it, break it, break it. Oh break my heart so that I may learn to love again.” I used to think a broken heart was something of which to be ashamed; I now see this so differently.

    My uncle is a horticulturist. He could tell you about that plant…

  2. Last night was great…I felt a little like a soldier in Henry the V’s army as he was giving the speech prior to the battle of St. Crispins Day…”this story shall a good man teach his son…we few we happy few, we band of brothers, for he today who shed’s his blood with me shall be my brother be here nare so vile this day will gentle his condition, and gentlemen in England now in bed will consider themselves cursed they were not here with us and hold their manhood cheap while any speaks that fought with us upon St Crispins Day!”
    Journey Up 2.0 will be for many of us here, a mark in time, that defines a changed life, a mended heart, a renewed commitment, a saved soul. And if in that process the financial situation of the church is reclaimed, all the better. My prayer is that this becomes a time for this church of heavenly investment, of personal growth in relationships with Christ…where people will look back with “advantages” to the new lives created in them from this time forward; that the victories gained in these days would become the St. Crispin’s Day moments in lives well lived in service to the Kingdom.

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