Posted by: Ed | February 6, 2009


Monday & Tuesday I was able to get to my monthly solitude retreat. I’m grateful for the opportunity, for the great place & for the awe-inspiring reality that God actually wants to hang out with me.

The weather was beyond perfect. To my friends in the Midwest I hate to rub it in, but it was about 80 with a very slight breeze.

After a long quiet time reading the scripture, journaling, rejoicing & complaining to the Lord, I decided to take a walk up canyon.


I didn’t get to far when my attention was drawn to the noise coming from this bush. It was the loudest sound of bee buzzing that I’ve ever heard. I mean it was like radio in the car loud. It kind of stopped me in my tracks.


I sensed a gentle nudge form the Holy Spirit to just stop & contemplate. That lasted about 2 minutes & I was ready to move on. But it was like the Lord was saying, get comfortable Junior, your going to be here a while. So there I stood. After a while,  I sensed God saying, “This is Journey”. The affect was positive – I think it was basically good.



I’m not a botanist, nor the son of a botanist. Anyone know what this plant is? There are lots of them out there.  Anyone care to take a shot at what this is all about?

I decided to run a few miles iPhone / camera in hand till I came to this place.


Taking this a sign to keep going, I kept going for about 2 miles up the canyon. No bull. I noticed this when I looked up.


Interesting contrast. (yes, that’s my finger)

There were a few other things I wrestled through & journaled about, maybe for later.

When I got back, JOURNEY UP 2.0 began in earnest. I’m up to my armpits in it now. I almost didn’t go to the desert, because February is a hellacious month schedule wise. I’m glad I did. I need the fuel!



  1. I’m glad you stopped at that weird bush. Reminds me of Moses stopping at his weird bush in the desert. Didn’t see any flames, did ya? Kinda cool that it’s red…

  2. Ed-
    Don’t worry about rubbing in the nice weather there. It’s been in the 30’s here. We’re rockin’ some warm temps here, too :)

    God is at work here. There is some type of correlation b/w our increased seeking and his increased acting. It’s all unmerited, but makes me want Him all the more.

    Whatever God has for Journey (Up) this month- be Caleb for your people!

    “Look to the Lord and his strength- seek his face always.”

    – Mark

  3. Ed:

    I love it when you talk about the desert. My question is, have you ever shared your spiritual discipline? I mean, what do you do? How do you do it? After a few minutes of silence I am usually … well, actually, I never even get that far. Perhaps I’ve missed one of your teachings where you lay it out. Please tell me sometime or point me to your secret.

    Thanks. Glad to hear the vision time went well.


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