Posted by: Ed | February 2, 2009


We closed out what a lot of people thought was a great series. There were lots of people saying to me that God was really stirring them up in the midst of this series. This last weekend had so many good moments. Here are a few of my thoughts & a few highlights:


•    I am never a good judge of how a message goes, but I love dealing w/ the book of Acts & I love Acts 16. It is so human, so relatable & such a great case study in living more dangerously.
•    HEAVEN – I felt a leading for about 10 days that something about heaven was supposed to go in the message. Honestly, I preached the whole message just to get to this point. I had to consciously concentrate on holding it together when I was reading section for The Last Battle. I don’t think we talk about this enough.
•    BTW – if you have not read the Chronicles of Narnia series, especially the last battle, you need to…NOW! Don’t judge it at all by the movies that came out. I didn’t like the movies, but LOVE the books.
•    POWERFUL VIDEO – I loved the video that Dan Stevers put together for the series. Powerful. It reminds me of hymn – And Can it Be (a.k.a. Amazing Love) by Charles Wesley.
•    FANTASTIC MUSIC SET – Wow! Worship was great! Beauty of the Still along w/ Mike Clark’s story was very cool.



•    Then our band ROCKED that song Believe by the Bravery.


* Rod actually went a week with OUT insulting the crowd:


•    Unlike most people I want to someone’s house to a Super Bowl party. Amazing game! I will post some thoughts on it later this week. I have to get this out: why the heck do you not review that last play.




  1. Ed,

    Great Preaching this Sunday!

    I have had many good and many disappointing moments in ministry. This message really encouraged me to take risks again in Ministry. I really heard this ” Your time in Arabia is almost over. It’s safe to dream again.” A lot of things are beginning to change for me and my family. Your messages have helped shape some of the direction.

    I also love the Book of Acts and have been reading Acts 13 and heard the word LOOKING FORWARD which I shared at the Journey Prayer Ministry Luncheon along with the Wayne Gretsky quote. Looking back on my notes I see that I wrote “It’s time to play the game at another level.”

    Your sermon really reinforced what God was saying to me and really brought it home. Thank you for hearing God and leading our Church (with the other pastors) for God’s Greater Glory!

    Steven Johnson
    Journey Prayer Ministries

  2. Love that passage in Chronicles too! (yes, I teared up as you read it)..reminds me of that cool scene in Lord Of The Rings: When all hope seems lost, with shrieking warriors over-running the city, Gandalf smiles and tells Pippin what it’s like “over there.” I agree with you. Going Home—hope—is a powerful part of the gospel. That’s a huge part of the history! If I really believe in that “hope of glory”, dangerous will become everyday.

  3. Ed,
    I’m with you on The Last Battle – one of my all-time favorites, hands down. I tear up every time I read the last few pages …

    “Their hearts leaped and a wild hope rose within them … The term is over: the holidays have begun. The dream is ended: this is the morning.”

    Doesn’t get much better.

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