Posted by: Ed | February 1, 2009


Here it is, before the event. It’s Saturday, January 31, 2009 at 8:44 PST.

Tomorrow is the holiest day of the year. Super Bowl Sunday.

Ed’s hope: I’m all over the Cardinals bandwagon. I love the story. I’m a huge Kurt Warner guy. I love the turn around. I love that people keep picking against them. I love that they score a point or two.

The Steelers are on my “teams I hate list”. It had to do with how much they won in the 70s, how much run they got. They were totally obnoxious! They beat the Rams in the SB. It’s not as acute as it used to be. I rooted for them when they played teams ahead of them on the list (e.g. Cowboys in the SB). But I hate them.


Ed’s prediction: I am picking the Cardinals as well. I haven’t heard one talking head or analyst pick them yet (Tony Dungy came close in an ESPN interview). Everyone is saying that AZ hasn’t seen a defense like the Steelers. Agreed. But the Burg hasn’t seen an offense like AZ in quite a while. It’s one thing to hold down an offensive slug like Baltimore or a manage the game offense like the Titans in check. But we’re talking a hall of fame QB who is red-hot, 2 absolute studs for receivers and a pretty good running game. Plus this isn’t in that frigid wind tunnel that they’ve been winning in. Tampa will be sunny & 69 tomorrow.

Let me hear your picks! It’s about time we get down to some serious kingdom business.

Todd? Rod? Donnie? Markie? Seth? You out there?



  1. Hey Ed,

    I’ve got a non-football question … i was wondering what books you’ve read lately? can you make any recommendations? :) A friend is coming to visit in a few weeks and she’s offered to bring me some stuff … a good book is in great need! :) Gracias!

  2. I remember when you used to root for the Bears. You were a man back then. That SD living has softened you up. Homer.

    AZ wins by 10. 27-17

  3. Ed,

    You can go here for my blog response to your prediction and bandwagoning.

    Peace, late, and Go Steelers!


  4. My prediction was correct that the Cards would come from behind to win…except that they came back only to LOSE!!!

    Soooo bummed right now!

  5. I’m going to have to eat crow as I told Rod the Steelers were going down big time. I got a little too cocky but the Cardinals put up a good fight.

  6. That game was amazing. Everything you’d hope for in a super bowl. But the outcome sucked bad. Why would they not review that last play? Silliness, I agree.

    But props to the Cardinals for a great run. I wonder what Warner will do? If he retires, he goes out a winner, and his top 3 SB performances by any QB should secure the hall of fame. But he got the more important honor at the beginning of the game…Walter Payton man of the year award.

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