Posted by: Ed | January 25, 2009


I spent the morning at our QUIET TIME WORKSHOP. Here’s the post I wrote real quick while it was going on.

Saturday, January 24, 2009
I’m sitting in our Quiet Time Workshop right now as I write this.
It is a very exciting morning. It’s not too often that I miss a Saturday surf session & am happy about it. But I’m stoked to be here. The room is full & there is a very cool variety of people in the room – young, old, new to Journey, long time church types – 3 people 1st came to church on Christmas Eve – singles, couples.
Here are a few random thoughts
^ I’m so grateful for the team of people that champion, equip & train our people to spend time with God. There is a skill set to being able to meet God in devotional habits. There is a way to be able to hear God speak in the scriptures, to connect with Him in prayer, to be still before Him, to enjoy just hanging out (fellowshipping) with Him.
^ There are a variety of people coming up telling a brief story of how God spoke to them, changed them, healed them in His presence as they were in a quiet time.
^ We are actually doing it – we are practicing lectio divina, listening, journaling
^ The stage is pastor-free – I hate to say this, but sometimes people write stuff off that one says as a pastor because… well because you are a PASTOR. You are a professional, an expert, an advanced student, which of course I am. Just kidding. But so far this morning we’ve had a plumber, a schoolteacher, a salesman and a real estate broker, a carpenter up on the stage so far. All sharing their own stories of God moving in their lives as they have spent time with God in a quiet time.
^ This could change these people, our church… the world! Turning God loose on lives, people seeking God – this will change us & the world. I love this.
^ There is a wonderfully low level of BS – I love that. People are being honest, not pretending to be farther along than they are, sharing real struggles.
^ When we “pass the mic & let people in the crowd share at each juncture it’s great to see the faces of those listening to them. It’s like everyone is cheering each other on.
^ I personally am reinvigorated, encouraged & fired up again for my own quiet times.
I hope that 09 is a year of spending personal time with God.



  1. I too was at the quiet time workshop. I have been going to Journey on/off (mostly on) for the past 3 years, yet always feeling like something was holding me back from really making an effort to “join” the community rather than just be a weekend guest. It was out of my comfort zone to go to something like the workshop and actually make an effort in my life to get that accomplished, arrange for childcare, etc. I have to admit that God really spoke to me on that Saturday morning. I have a hard time dealing with esoterical versions of “just go have quiet time with God”, or “go be alone with God and pray”. Those are wonderful thoughts/ideas, but nothing I could ever sink my teeth into. Not knowing really at all what the workshop would entail, I was really pleased to see that it was about learning concrete step-by-step ways to have that quiet time with God. Basically it was exactly what I needed, and I am grateful that God helped me get there by removing the myriad of justifications and “other things” that I usually eat my time on Saturdays. For the first time in a long time as I’ve watched my world implode around me the last 3-4 years, losing control (I always assumed I controlled my life), I see a path out of the woods, and it was right in front of me all along.

  2. It,s so cool to see and hear nfeedback….it is very life giving …thanks E

  3. Really was a wonderful experience for my wife and I as well. Like Michael, we’re not exactly the types to go to a workshop on a saturday morning, especially after I worked that friday night and Saturday until 6:30am. The thing is that God has been calling us through you and other members of the church to start taking steps to become a member of the Journey community. So saturday was our first step. It was a great presentation, I felt no awkwardness as long as I didn’t have to talk on the mic, and picked up some great ideas on how to spend my quiet time.

    Really enjoyed the small group session as well. What a coincidence that Michael was in our group. I really related to what he was talking about as we are going through the same thing as well. Kevin Brangwynne was our group leader and really did a great job leading us through our quiet time exercise.

    Thanks for hanging out on saturday when I’m sure it was a great surf day. Looking forward to whatever else God has planned for us at Journey!

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