Posted by: Ed | January 13, 2009


It was a great weekend!

Here are a few highlights:
•    3 good services – there were good crowds in each & I could tell God was working in each one
•    The New Format worship team really did do a great job of leading us. They picked a couple of new songs that worked for me, if no one else, & they picked one of my favorite classics.




•    Barbara – it’s great that she was at church, that God was working healing in her life. We had a couple of other major answers to prayer in the area of healing. On Saturday I remembered praying, “God, you need to do a miracle, a MIRACLE.” I heard the next day that this guy was out of ICU & was actually getting out of the hospital on Tuesday.
•    DANGEROUS CONNECTION MESSAGE – this message had a hard time coming together. I’ve done lots of messages on community & we could use more of them at Journey. Lots of us need to take that next step.  There is breakthrough that comes when we choose to become known. I really do remember being that “YOU”, that person that needs to take that next step in.  That I got to speak to that person was money. I also like how it turned into a talk fairly directly about YOU. Timing was o.k. On Fri, good at 9:00 and horrible at 10:45 – I went about 9 minutes over.


•    CHARGER GAME – it was funny to see almost everyone, esp at 9, in Bolts gear. It’s been great watching games & connecting with my son over football this season. What a painful game to watch! When that punt went of Weddle’s head, I thought, “Why have you forsaken us?” I’m on the Cardinals bandwagon.



** Prayers unanswered?

** Of course there are evil people… even in church!


•    ASPT – I am so grateful that those guys give so selflessly, skillfully & intensely. It’s wonderful to see people getting prayed over & how God is working.
•    21 DAYS OF PRAYER & FASTING – we put up a blog site for you who are part of our prayer & fasting season. Lots of us are in on this. More signed in this week. Click here for the blog address & share your experience. There are some really cool things up there already. It will encourage you.
•    SUN, SURF, WEATHER – Saturday was one heck of a surf day. It was 80 degrees out with what little wind being off shore. There were fun sized waves some occasionally in 3 – 4 foot range. There were 7 or us from journey, which made it even more fun.

May we really live 09 more dangerously!



  1. In the ASPT Meeting at 8:30 (Sun)…all the discussion was like an echo from the sermon. We were challenging each other to the risk factor of being doers, NOT hearers only! Getting out of the lazy chair and making the connection with God a moment by moment experience…proclaiming the kingdom and seeing it come against the gates of Hell. The sermon was a sealing of that powerful time spent together. The HS’s got us in sync!

  2. A few thoughts on your posts:

    1. Majesty is not a classic.

    2. Go Steelers.

    3. Can you get a bigger picture of yourself for this post?

    4. Thanks for sharing your miracles stories. I love hearing them.

  3. Ed,

    light needs darkness. I busting out the Terrible Towel this weekend — I hope it comes in on time.


  4. Thanks for your message on Sunday at 9am. I really felt like you were talking to me at the end of the service. Even my wife turned around and said, “Is he talking to you?” Anyway, somebody was talking to me, through you, whatever. I filled out a card. I think God is telling me to take that next step in being a part of our Church. I will say this though. I’m scared having to leave my own comfort zone, praying that God will give me the strength to do it.

    Oh yeah? Couldn’t you have just cast the demon out of Rod right there on stage? I’ve been praying for him too.

  5. I hadn’t even REALIZED it was Rod wearing the Steelers shirt! Aghhh!! lol….

  6. Rod added sin to sin today with the Terrible Towel.

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